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Right from the start when Phaze Concrete opened its doors in 2003, the founders based their work on the principles of performance, cooperation, and integrity. Even now that they can already claim to have achieved success, those three principles remain. Just like most businesses, they started small whereby a small team poured concrete driveways and worked on residential properties in Utah and Nevada. After 14 years, they now have a presence in all of the Western states and work on huge projects, including Walmart stores and a range of other commercial and industrial properties.

The company’s focus on performance, integrity and teamwork really paid off. With such an attitude, they were able to obtain a contract with the Family Dollar distribution center, where they were responsible for all the concrete required for the one million square feet location. Their work was so impressive that it earned them the ACI Intermountain chapter award of excellence in flatwork and tilt up concrete. Some 250 people now work for Phaze Concrete, but each of them is as committed as the original founders have been to the three guiding principles.

Furthermore, the Phaze Concrete founders decided to always be at the forefront of new quality and efficiency developments in their industry. This can only be achieved, they believe, by working as a team and by ensuring that everyone is 100% committed to safety and to creating a pleasant but professional work atmosphere. One indication that they have achieved this is their EMOD (Experience Modification) rating of 0.72 percent.

Last year, the company entered into a contract with the Department of Apprenticeship, a sub-department of the U.S. Department of Labor. Phaze Concrete believes that everyone should have a chance to obtain the necessary experience to become involved in the concrete and construction industry. Hence, they have developed a unique training program that combines both theoretical and practical experience. Apprentices are paired with experienced Phaze Concrete employees, who will foster the apprentices so they can learn lifelong skills. This is fully supported by the White House Office of American Innovation and was highlighted at the May 2017 G-20 Labor and Employment Ministers' meeting.

There are some 37,000 apprenticeship programs across the nation that have been recognized by the Department of Labor, one of which is the program supported by Phaze Concrete. As with everything that they do, the company is 100% committed to excellence in this endeavor. They have so far taken on 26 individuals who are undergoing cement mason apprenticeships. None of these are delivered as union organization benefits, but rather they are accessible to anybody.

Since day one, Phaze Concrete has wanted to foster a professional environment in which people enjoy coming to work. They make sure that employees experience something of value, and that they really want to come to work. Committed to furthering education, they enable anyone, regardless of age, to ask for an apprenticeship placement. Those who do not have a high school diploma will be given the chance to complete their GED while doing their apprenticeship. In fact, the company's GED readiness course can be accessed by every employee, as well as by each of their family members.

For Phaze Concrete, if employees are committed to the apprenticeship program, then the company is committed to them. This means that they will receive full industry training that is completely relevant and up to date. This is about doing the right thing, which is one of the core values of the company as a whole. They will go that extra mile, not just for their customers but also for their staff. They ensure that the particular challenges that the construction industry of today is facing are properly understood, and properly addressed. This is what enables them to deliver such high-quality results, both in terms of service delivery and in terms of the training of new professionals.

One of the driving forces for this nation's economy is the construction industry. In fact, millions of people are employed within this particular segment. President Donald Trump has also expressed a commitment to increasing infrastructure and business in this country, which means that demand for construction will start to increase as well. The company has indicated its readiness to ride this wave of growth, already building on their workforce so that they will be able to meet the demand once it arrives. Preparations include researching new materials and ensuring that each employee is properly trained in cement and methods of working. Performance, cooperation, and integrity — these are the three principles that will continue to drive the business of Phaze Concrete.

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