The Power of Zero Show Surpasses a Million Downloads and YouTube Views

Marking a New Milestone in Independent Financial Podcasting

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“The Power of Zero Show,” an independent money podcast hosted by David McKnight, the best-selling author of “The Power of Zero,” has officially crossed the impressive threshold of a million downloads and a million views on YouTube. This remarkable achievement highlights the growing influence and reach of the podcast in the financial world.

In an era where podcasts come and go, “The Power of Zero Show” has not only persisted but thrived, this independent show has carved out a unique niche by providing insightful, trustworthy financial advice and strategies. David McKnight’s expertise and engaging delivery have made the podcast a go-to resource for listeners seeking practical and innovative financial solutions.

A Personal Message from David McKnight

David McKnight has shared his excitement and gratitude in a special video message, accessible at In this message, he discusses the journey of the podcast and its impact on listeners.

Reflecting on the podcast’s success, David McKnight said, “The growth of the podcast speaks to the attraction the Power of Zero movement is having all across the country.” His words underscore the resonance of the podcast’s message and its alignment with the financial aspirations of his audience.

Insights from Paul Colligan, The Podcast Partnership

Paul Colligan, from the Podcast Partnership, the production company behind “The Power of Zero Show,” shares his insights on the show’s success. “Unlike so many Podcasts that use gimmicks to reach audiences, Dave’s approach of solid content for the right audience is the kind of show we love to produce. We knew his show would be a hit from day one and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.”

More About “The Power of Zero Show”

“The Power of Zero Show” is available wherever podcasts are found. To delve further, visit

Join those who have already discovered the value of this unique podcast. Whether you’re a financial expert or someone seeking to improve your financial literacy, “The Power of Zero Show” offers something for everyone.

About David McKnight

David McKnight is a best-selling author and a recognized authority in the financial industry. His insights and advice have helped countless individuals navigate the complexities of modern financial planning, setting them on the path to a secure and prosperous future.

Source: The Podcast Partnership

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