The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness: Soul Restructuring

Elevated Consciousness Book Release

The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness

 Johanna Bassols, founder of Healers of the Light, has released a how-to book on raising consciousness in the most direct, simple and actionable ways. She believes that by elevating the consciousness, identification with emotions, beliefs, fears and memories that cause pain and suffering are eliminated. In this book, she shares her own path to the elevation of consciousness in practical exercises and theory.

Her personal experiences are now being discussed in quantum biology experiments.

Her readers say the following about the new book titled The Power of the Elevation of Consciousness, Soul Restructuring already hitting the top of the charts on Amazon.  

Johanna Bassols shares her own path to the elevation of consciousness in practical exercises and theory.

“Johanna’s work and guidance has helped me overcome many self-imposed obstacles that I didn’t know I had.” – Carol E.

“Being aware of my life purpose made my life start over in the right direction, and that was the best motivation to leave addiction and depression. I’m forever grateful.” – John S.

“I never knew that I had an interest in art, the idea that I had about myself was so limited. When I reprogrammed my perception about myself, the world changed.” – Stephanie J.

“Most of my discordant energies were recorded in my childhood, I’ve been carrying those for so long, I am not even the same person now. It was pointless to keep them alive. Thank you, Johanna, for your guidance.” Nick S.

Bassols’ book declares that an apathy toward life, depression and other common ailments of our time are tied into consciousness.  

Johanna Bassols is the author of the Soul Reprogramming Method, a way of restructuring and reprogramming the soul by stimulating its individual elements to bring them back to balance and proper functioning. She is also the founder of the Healers of the Light Academy.

Throughout her publications and videos, she offers practical ways of understanding energy for personal improvement.

Her book discusses specific practices used in her healing work for many years. It can be found here:

For future bookings or to join her exclusive soul restructuring live-digital course, contact Johanna Bassols at


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