The Power of the Brand: Cannabis Companies Go Big

'mg Magazine', May 2018

Coca-Cola. Nike. Budweiser. Geico. Whether high-end or down-to-earth, all consumer product success stories share a common trait: a recognizable, cohesive brand message that resonates with consumers.

Even in a sector as “hot” as cannabis, branding can mean the difference between a breakout company and an also-ran. In its May 2018 issue, "mg Magazine" the industry’s premier trade journal, tackles the unique branding and marketing challenges facing a young industry that operates outside of federal law.

In the cover story, “The Brand Brothers,” Editor-in-Chief Tom Hymes examines the extraordinary success of Denver-based Medically Correct LLC, the parent company of edibles mega-brand incredibles. What began as a shoestring startup in 2010 has become a multimillion-dollar, multi-vertical revenue engine, due in no small part to the founders’ clear — and still unwavering — vision at the outset. Despite ever-changing regulations and shifting market conditions, the four men at the helm are determined to make incredibles “the Coca-Cola of cannabis,” largely by maintaining focus on the primary reason the company exists at all: to ease suffering with cannabis-based medicine.

For incredibles and other companies featured in May’s "mg Magazine", branding success isn’t about logos, clever taglines, or fancy packaging. It’s about creating community and shattering the “stoner” stereotype. Read the cover story here:

Also in the May issue:​

Branding and marketing professionals spill their secrets. What does it really take to catch — and keep — consumers’ hearts and minds?

Brands that arose from within six marginalized groups reveal why sensitivity and education are the keys to fostering diversity.

As chains and franchises begin to appear, a design-build firm with mainstream clients including Coach, Louis Vuitton, J.Crew, and Casa de Montecristo steps in to help cannabis retailers present a consistent message in physical space.

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