The Polo Club of Boca Raton's Day of Action: Over 90,000 Meals Packed for South Florida's Food Banks

On March 4, the Polo Club of Boca Raton Demonstrated Profound Community Spirit and Generosity Through Its Polo Feeds Initiative, Significantly Impacting Palm Beach County’s Battle Against Food Insecurity

Polo Club Members

The Polo Club of Boca Raton redefined community service as hundreds of members and staff spent several hours packing thousands of meals for those in need, highlighting the club's commitment to philanthropy and support. 

Thanks to the Polo community's generosity, the event raised an impressive $30,000, allowing for the purchase of nearly 14,000 pounds of food, equating to over 90,000 meals for Palm Beach County's underserved populations.

The day was marked by enthusiastic teamwork, with an 18-wheeler delivering supplies directly for efficient packing and distribution to local food banks, including Boca Helping Hands, Jacobsen Food Pantry, and Feeding South Florida.

Co-chairs Lauren Spitz and Linda Rosenthal reflected on the initiative's success, noting the joy and unity experienced by all involved. Their efforts exemplify the club’s deep-rooted values of giving back and community aid, addressing the significant issue of food insecurity faced by over a quarter-million local residents.

The initiative reflects the Polo Club's foundational values of philanthropy and community support. In a region where over a quarter-million people face food insecurity, the Polo Feeds program stands as a beacon of hope and action. The project was initially proposed by Spitz and Rosenthal to the Polo Club’s Community Relations Committee, receiving overwhelming support from the management and the Board of Governors.

This notable event is just one example of how collective efforts can lead to meaningful change, reinforcing the Polo Club's dedication to being a community leader in philanthropy.

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Source: Polo Club of Boca Raton