The PokémonGo for Learning to Code

Hacksaw Academy opens its fully interactive programming platform to the public.

Hacksaw Academy Public Beta

Today, Hacksaw Academy announced the public release of their fully interactive platform.

“We've found that splitting programming projects into 30-minute sprints is practical, rewarding, and applicable to our generation’s high-speed lifestyle.” said James Lovatt Co-founder of Hacksaw Academy.

"Unlike any other platform, having a tangible outcome after spending a few hours on Hacksaw made me want to learn more!"

Eli , Laipson-Williams

With over 5,000 beta students enrolled and 2,000 completed projects, the public will now be able to enroll in the fully interactive platform.

“Thousands of beta students from all over the world began calling Hacksaw the PokémonGo for learning to code shortly after the popular game was released last week. With its new nickname, the Hacksaw team is super excited to open the interactive platform to the public today.” said Steve McGarry, Co-founder of Hacksaw Academy. 

Today's launch is driven by beta student feedback and is part of Hacksaw Academy’s mission to provide everyone access to a basic understanding of programming. The update is now available with a 14-day trial at

Hacksaw Academy was founded in 2015 by James Lovatt and Steve McGarry who started a previous company financing students to learn software development at coding bootcamps that was acquired in August 2015. The company offers a wide range of interactive projects designed to be practical and applicable to fill the skills gap in tech jobs.

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A fully interactive platform divided into bite size programming tutorials.