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Podcast Hosts TikTok Ozempic Creator Community Meet-Up

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The Plus Sidez: Cracking the Obesity Code, an award-winning podcast based in Atlanta, will host a GLP-1 TikTok Community Meet-Up in Atlanta at The Garage on May 17, 2024. The event will feature a panel of obesity doctors, psychologists, and cardiologists who will discuss the socially controversial topic of “weight loss shots” like Ozempic and Wegovy. A live episode of the podcast will be recorded at the event. The Plus SideZ podcast was born out of a TikTok community of doctors, patients, and medical professionals. 

In 2022, hundreds of obesity patients began documenting their weight loss journeys by taking GLP-1 medications on the social media platform. Many began connecting with doctors like Simin Gharib Lee, a cardiologist and obesity specialist, CEO of Systole Health, to learn more about their metabolic disorders and how GLP-1s treat them. Seemingly overnight, a movement was born. The Plus SideZ podcast is more than just a podcast. It's a beacon of hope, aiming to combat the stigma of obesity and advocate for the treatment of this chronic disease through the usage of GLP1 medications. Kim Carlos, founder and Executive Producer, is on a mission to empower the community with her mantra, "You're not alone. It's not your fault." She provides resources to aid her community and their paths to better health. 

The podcast seeks to unify, educate, and empower listeners to advocate for their health and get the care they deserve. “This isn’t a TikTok trend; it’s a movement,” Carlos continues. The podcast seeks to help people understand it’s not about weight loss; it’s about health. Obesity is a recognized medical disease with FDA-approved treatments. Sick people need medicine, period.”

Ironically, on May 17, TikTok will enforce new community guidelines that discourage the discussion of weight loss medications, even for those treating the chronic disease of obesity. Dr. Sina Arham, founder of Fridays, an obesity telehealth practice, has grown his business on TikTok by helping those who qualify and struggle with access to quality care. Dr. Arham says, “We are a tribal species and TikTok is a community app where it’s easy to find your tribe. TikTok has become a place for patients whose illnesses have been overlooked their entire lives to find one another and find solutions for healing. Human connection is not just a pillar of health; it is the foundation upon which all well-being is built. It’s essential for both mental and physical vitality.”

The private event will be held at The Garage in historic West End Atlanta, 933 Lee St. SW, Atlanta, GA 30310, from 7-9 p.m. on May 17, 2024.  

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The Plus SideZ podcast is in its third season and ranked in the top 2.5% of podcasts globally on Apple Podcasts and in the top 100 of medical podcasts on Apple Podcasts. 

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The Plus SideZ podcast is in its third season. It is ranked in the top 2.5% of podcasts globally on Apple Podcasts and in the top 100 of medical podcasts on Apple Podcasts. A few notable guest appearances have been Rosie O’Donnell, Dr. Contessa Metcalfe from Married to Medicine, and Dr. Rachel Goldman, who has appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s State of Weight special and also served as a consultant on the 2022 film The Whale starring Brendan Fraser.

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