The Pharmacy Podcast Network Acquires RXVIP Enterprises to Deliver Evidence-Based Content, Plus Expertise Insights on Their New Internet Radio Platform Targeted to Health Care Professionals

The Pharmacy Podcast Network has acquired RXVIP Enterprises, LTD and all its subsidiary entities to advance their corporate vision of enhancing the role of Pharmacists in the healthcare continuum. The acquisition coincides with the network moving over to an Internet Radio Platform that will reach over 4,000,000 listeners, through a strategic relationship with Helium Radio in Tampa, Fla.

RXVIP Enterprises, LTD, is made up of a network of Pharmacists, PharmDs and Students of Pharmacy who deliver concierge pharmacy services at the Point of Care, by working right in physician offices to deliver value-based services. RXVIP personnel educate, mentor and train PharmD candidates from several Colleges of Pharmacy and Universities nationwide, by creating an experiential and professional career development program called RXVIPCares 365, that will enhance their role as next-generation providers in the health care system.

Caregiver Support Services' Eboni Green added, "I am so pleased about our partnership with The Pharmacy Podcast Network. Caregiver Support Services is committed to increasing awareness of the very important roles pharmacists play in enhancing the well-being among caregivers. In fact, we believe that Pharmacists are Caregivers! We are excited about the very important strategic partnership between CSS and the Pharmacy Podcast Network and look forward to enhancing the knowledge base among pharmacists."

RXVIP also has a nationwide patient outreach program called "ASK YOUR PHARMACIST ABOUT PGx TESTING," to help raise awareness that a simple two-minute buccal cheek swab test can lead to better medication management for patients. This program will help lower the risk of Adverse Drug Reactions by reaching out to physicians and nursing homes so that they implement PGX tests for patients in their practices and facilities. The program will be launched exclusively over the Pharmacy Podcast Network and their 68,000 plus listeners.

The acquisition coincides with the official launch of the Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) into Internet Radio with a strategic partnership with Helium Radio headquarters in Tampa, Fla. This new initiative will create a concierge radio platform that will reach over 4 million listeners who can now hear experts within the pharmacy profession deliver subject matter on pertinent health care topics. Now through this relationship with Helium, the PPN and RXVIP are able to expand on the mission of supporting national pharmacy associations and provide their leadership and members with an internet radio production podcast to reach more listeners with this strategic alliance.

"This PNN/RXVIP joint venture and the Helium partnership set the stage for PPN to deliver evidence-based, expertise-insights, and editorial commentary to the public from the active 300,000 provider pharmacists in the U.S. today," stated Ken Sternfeld, Founder of RXVIP Enterprises. "I believe that this new platform is not just the pharmacy profession's top podcast Internet Radio station, but now, we are positioned to be the leading pharmacy radio information resource for our profession," Sternfeld added. "With a thirst for Pharmacists to find new ways to practice their profession, the PPN will become an even stronger resource to advance their career," Sternfeld concluded.

The content delivered by RXVIP on PPN will help lower the risk of Adverse Drug Reactions, plus provide patients will cost savings solutions to help them manage the rising costs of healthcare that impacts patients' lives. The new entity formed by this acquisition wants to empower the next generation of PharmDs to deliver their clinical expertise by collaborating with physicians and other healthcare providers to deliver Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing and an expanded suite of services to patients. We will accomplish this by leveraging relationships that RXVIP has developed with their Concierge Pharmacist business model to deliver Chronic Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring and Wellness Prescription Consultations for patients who are on multiple medications.

RXVIP will also train PharmD candidates to review the PGx test results and then work directly with patients and physicians to provide meaningful consultation and counseling on their medications to help eliminate "trial and error" prescribing which is inherent in our profession. These services will also advance patient adherence and compliance and lower overall costs to the patient for their medications.

Suzy Soliman, pharmacist and mother, explains the perks of the new program, "As a pharmacist and mom, I have always struggled with work/life balance, and I am excited to support a program that I believe can help manage work/life balance for many pharmacist moms."

RXVIP will also mentor the next generation of PharmDs so that they can dispense care, compassion and empathy for those needing our help the most. As RXVIPCares 365 Patient Advocates, they will be able to utilize their knowledge in areas of medication management effectively, while providing cost-saving and life-saving solutions on prescriptions for Medicare patients and all others with chronic diseases.

"To be recognized as Providers, we must realize that it is our responsibility to help patients avoid Adverse Drug Reactions, which last year led to the loss of over 125,000 lives, making it the 4th leading cause of death in the United States. We must find ways to avoid this senseless loss of life by implementing PGx testing in every physician office we can. People across the country cannot afford their prescriptions, and eliminating trial and error in prescribing will help lower the overall costs of health care, which will lead to better adherence and better patient outcomes," says Veoletta Rubinova, 2019 PharmD Candidate, St. John's University.

The RXVIPCares 365 Patient Advocate Certification Program will help pave the way for future PharmDs entering the profession in years to come, plus help existing licensed Pharmacists to enhance their career and be recognized as providers.

"When students like Veoletta and others who take this pathway to provider status with the RXVIPCares 365 PGx program graduate, they will be able to provide these needed patient-centric consultations and reviews plus other value-based services to patients remotely and by working right in physician offices," said Jason Cavolina, President of RXVIP Enterprises, LTD. "RXVIP from its inception was committed to helping educate and mentor others in our profession. I have now had the pleasure of meeting Todd Eury and experienced the passion he has for our profession so this joint venture and the new partnership will continue our vision of enhancing the role of Pharmacists in the health care system," Cavolina added. "Our APPE students we have on rotations, like Veoletta, have hearts of gold and are true advocates for our profession. We are thrilled to help guide these young professionals in their career pathway as by doing that, they help me become a better Pharmacist," Cavolina concluded.

The RXVIPCares 365 PGx Patent Advocate Program and the "Ask Your Pharmacist About PGx Testing" outreach initiative will launch on the Pharmacy Podcast Network, a digital health publication and content development partner to the pharmaceutical industry through strategic relationships developed by RXVIP with The Pharmacist Moms Group and Caregiver Support Services.

About Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN)

The PPN launched in 2009 and is the first podcast network dedicated to the pharmacy industry, with over 630 episodes published to date on topics including, but not limited to Pharmacogenomics, financial planning, business franchising, marketing, and career development. The PPN has unmatched relationships within the Pharmacy vertical market and is currently interviewing several national and regional pharmacy brands for clinical pharmacist expertise and sponsorship for future consumer-oriented content. 

With 25 different podcast programs and over 30 different co-hosts helping to develop audio content about different subjects in pharmacy, the PPN delivers a unique publication to all healthcare professionals with a specific focus on pharmacy. Over the last nine years, the podcast publication has gathered over 69,000 listeners with over one million downloads and partnered with the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy and the American Society Consultant Pharmacists.

With unmatched relationships within the pharmacy vertical market, PPN is currently interviewing several national and regional pharmacy brands for clinical pharmacist expertise and sponsorship for future consumer-oriented content. 

About RXVIP Enterprises, LTD 

RXVIP Enterprises, LTD was founded by St. John's Alumni, Ken Sternfeld, who has developed a team of like-minded Concierge Pharmacists, PharmDs and Students who are delivering value-based services at the Point of Care, right in physician offices. In an effort to create a paradigm shift in the way Pharmacists can practice at the height of their license, the company has created an educational pathway called RXVIPCares 365 to deliver mentorship and training to the next generation of PharmDs. The self-paced remote certification program includes all the tools need to become a Concierge Service Provider (CSP) who can then deliver Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing, Care Coordination and Chronic Care Management with Remote Patient Monitoring plus other patient-centric consultations that lead to better medication adherence and outcomes for patients. By collaborating with physicians, RXVIP Concierge Service Providers (CSP) are able to review health records and then work directly with patients to provide meaningful consultation and counseling on their medications, to reduce costs and lower the risk of Adverse Drug Reactions. RXVIP CSPs are in fact Providers as they are paid for the services they deliver outside of the traditional retail pharmacy environment.


Caregiver Support Services is a "grassroots" nonprofit organization with a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. The organization was founded by Terrence and Eboni Green, a husband and wife team, to support family & professional caregivers across the lifespan through direct supportive services. Caregiver Support Services is known nationally for setting up benchmark programs and services for family and professional caregivers in the form of offering accessible training, self-advocacy and other pertinent services to support caregivers through the care process.


The Pharmacist Moms Group is the pharmacy industry's largest movement to advance the career and life aspirations of women in our profession. By championing the first Women Pharmacist Day (WPD), which will be observed on Oct. 12, 2018, the group will be honoring the legendary first female pharmacist in the United States, Elizabeth Gooking Greenleaf, who had 12 children and is an inspiring role model for thousands of women who dream of becoming a pharmacist.

Women currently comprise 55% of the pharmacist workforce, and the group, who number close to 15,000 moms, are well positioned to be one of the strongest unified voices for those practicing in our profession. Led by founder Suzy Soliman, the group is expected to continue to rise as the membership continues to rise to add additional pharmacists who also serve as caregivers for their children and aging parents.

#WomenPharmacistDay celebrates the significant gains that women have made in pursuing careers in pharmacy; honors the trailblazers who have made such progress possible; and recognizes the important contributions that women pharmacists make, every day, to delivering quality care to patients in communities, nationwide.


Helium was conceived in 2010 and officially born in July 2017 in St. Petersburg, FL.

Helium Radio is the overarching network that balloons over two existing global radio stations. Life Improvement Radio and Life Improvement Radio After Dark were born from our sister company, Life Improvement Media Group, Inc. 

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Ken Sternfeld
Founder, RXVIP Enterprises, LTD  
1299 Corporate Drive Suite #1504 Westbury, New York 11590
1-844 MYRXVIP (1-844-697-9847)

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