The ookkie™The World's Safest Skateboard for Kids

The Revolutionary New Way for Young Children To Learn How To Skateboard!

The World's Safest Skateboard for Kids

Skate Innovation has revolutionized the way kids learn to skate by launching their new product, the ookkie™ this week. The ookkie™ is the world’s first and only true learner skateboard.

Skate Innovation was established on the 5th of April 2016 with the vision of getting children as young as 2 years old learning to skate in the safest possible way.

The ookkie™ Is The Worlds First True Learner Skateboard For Children

Skate Innovation Pty Ltd

Co-founders Daniel de Gaye and Jason Koch found that many kids have a desire to skateboard from an early age, however most are held back due to safety concerns. Before the ookkie™ the only two ways for a child to learn to skateboard was by either an adult physically holding them and awkwardly shuffling, or going it alone. Until now these methods have failed in teaching children the fundamentals of skating being balance, coordination and awareness.

Daniel and Jason have spent the last 18 months extensively designing and engineering the ookkie™ into a unique 5 in 1 learning skateboard that significantly increases safety and helps to build the foundation of balance and coordination. The ookkie™ enables children to progress at their own pace and physically transforms along with them as their confidence and ability develops.

You and your family can be part of the movement by joining the Indiegogo campaign on the 10th of October 2016 and safely skateboard sooner.

The ookkie™ is coming to a park near you.

Where can you find the ookkie™

​The ookkie™ is available for pre-purchase on Indiegogo on the 10th October 2016. Register your interest and receive regular updates on release and shipping dates.

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