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Portable Hookahs educates the customer in choosing the vaporizer that suits their needs by explaining the differences between conduction and convection heating, styles of coils and how the performance between these options will affect the material that will be vaped.

Portable Hookahs

The popularity of Hookah, eCigs, and vaporizers has significantly impacted the current generation. It is quite common that someone fascinated with one of these options will be interested in the other. offers a wide range of merchandise within these three markets. Often, a company or website will focus on one category, but here we would like to introduce you to the one stop shop. The term Portable Hookahs may imply vaporizers for herbal purposes, eCig style vapes like the Juul, mech mods or the popular digital mods that release large clouds of vapor. The name can also imply old fashioned hookah pipes also known as nargila. These old-fashioned water pipes have been modernized to be used in clubs, homes and even as decoration.

Herbal Vaporizers:

Vaporizers in this category are offered as either for dry herb, wax/concentrates or oil. Some manufacturers release all-in-one units. With options such as these, consumers are also able to choose between portable vaporizers, vape pens, and desktop vaporizers. It is important to learn about convection and conduction heating chambers, as this will greatly impact the performance of one's vape of choice, depending on the material they would like to vaporize.


The industry of eCigs has been booming and evolving for years. The new thing now is the JUUL. This is a small, discreet device that helps users vaporize flavored nicotine juice. The first observation one would make upon entering a vape shop is that the place is covered in clouds. This is because the folks inside are vaping eCigs mods. Nowadays, digital mods with a regulator for wattage are the go-to device for vapers using flavored eJuice. Not so long ago, mech mods were the most popular. This has decreased since, due to the unsafe nature of mechanical mods. These unregulated mods provide the largest clouds on the market. Therefore, they will never completely go out of style.

Hookah Pipes:

Back in the day, Hookah always looked old fashioned. In 2018, one's hookah better not only performs well but is also aesthetically pleasing. A specific style growing in popularity is the gun hookah. A photo was posted on Instagram by Dan Bilzerian with an AK47 Hookah in the background. It is unclear if this was the reason for the gun hookah's popularity but as of now, the AK47, M16, and Pistol designed hookahs are flying off the shelves. Other decorative hookahs are also available in a modern or contemporary style.

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