The Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society's Highly Anticipated Annual Meeting Returns in Person​ This Year

OTS is pleased to announce that, after two years of meeting virtually, the 18th Annual Oligo Meeting will include a robust in-person program live from Hilton Phoenix Resort at the Peak in Phoenix, Arizona, where delegates from many different countries can engage in lively discussions and enjoy interacting face-to-face once again. This year's meeting, which will be held Oct. 2 - 5, is a hybrid event and will also include a virtual component allowing delegates who are unable to attend in person to enjoy the Annual Meeting from the comfort of their home or office.

The Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society (OTS) is an open, nonprofit forum to foster academic and industry-based research and development of oligonucleotide therapeutics. The Founders' vision was to bring together the expertise from different angles of oligonucleotide research to create synergies and to bring the field of oligonucleotides to its full therapeutic potential. 

The OTS Annual Meeting is a forum for the realization of the Society's mission and goals. At the annual meeting, anyone who is interested or involved in oligonucleotide therapeutics may attend and benefit from the incredible opportunity to learn from and engage with experts, post-docs, and students for a cross-disciplinary exchange, fostering the development of ground-breaking new ideas.

Due to the efforts and persistence of those in the field, multiple oligonucleotide therapeutic treatments have received approval from regulatory agencies around the world, two mRNA Covid-19 vaccines were created due to decades of prior development in the field, and over 100 oligonucleotide therapeutic treatments are in development for common conditions, including cancer and Alzheimer's disease, as well as rare diseases. Incredibly, oligonucleotide therapeutics are being used to create individualized treatments for people with ultra-rare, fatal diseases.

Attendees of this year's Oligo Meeting will hear from leading experts, students, and postdocs in the field from around the world. An array of intriguing topics will be covered, from chemistry, AI/machine learning, and genome and RNA editing to current preclinical and clinical research. 

The Clinical Session is always engaging and inspiring, and this year's session promises to continue the trend with topics such as Clinical Advances in CRISPR Cas9 Therapeutics, SLN360 and Controlling Lp(a), and Lessons Learned from ALS Clinical Trials. Speakers include notable authorities in the field at key roles in Biogen, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Intellia Therapeutics, Silence Therapeutics, and n-Lorem Foundation.

A special session is dedicated to celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society, and attendees will have the privilege of hearing from founders of the OTS as well as past Board of Directors members who were there during the early days of the society, including Masad J. Damha, PhD, Gunther Hartmann, MD, PhD, Anastasia Khvorova, PhD, Art Krieg, MD, Mano Manoharan, PhD, Brett Monia, PhD, John Rossi, PhD, Georg Sczakiel, PhD, Hermona Soreq, PhD, and Cy Stein, MD, PhD.

OTS also has the privilege of presenting two OTS Lifetime Achievement Awards this year to individuals who have been influential in the field. Ryszard Kole, PhD, Professor Emeritus at the University of North Carolina, will be honored with the OTS Lifetime Achievement Award 2020 and C. Frank Bennett, PhD, the Senior Vice President of Research at Ionis Pharmaceuticals, will be honored with the OTS Lifetime Achievement Award 2021.

The Annual Meeting is open to anyone interested or involved in oligonucleotide therapeutics. Those wishing to attend in person or virtually can register at

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Source: Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society