The Novice, the Exceptional Triathlete, the Injured, the Differently Abled, and the Adonis All Have One Thing in Common: They CAN All Run in SPACE

Barry Heyden, Head Trainer running in the Anti-Gravity Treadmill in SPACE

SPACE Performance Lab and Running Center is now open to the public. SPACE is the world’s first anti-gravity AlterG treadmill facility with multiple AlterG anti-gravity units, high-altitude training, and purified air in a natural and green setting. SPACE uses Outside Interactive technology, which allows the user to experience different trails, marathons and running courses around the world without leaving Manhattan.

The AlterG anti-gravity treadmill allows runners who have, or are recovering from, an injury to run again and run safely. The AlterG allows for both the deterrence of future injuries in healthy runners and prevention of further injury to recovering runners and/or athletes. The AlterG allows people of various ages and abilities to run faster and longer, all while receiving a tremendous workout.

SPACE offers individualized running programs, each of which are personally pre-programmed by Barry Heyden. 

Barry Heyden is a former professional sports fitness coach for the NY Mets and previously held the position of Head of Human and Sports Performance at the Hospital for Special Surgery. For 10 years, Barry was the international AlterG educational specialist to the professional sports world, college sports and the U.S. military. His techniques have helped users, such as Tom Brady and the Miami Heat, to name a few, to prevent injuries, improve performance, and return safely and quickly to their game from injuries.

AlterG Assistant’s automated technology allows the user to be in the machine, without pushing a button, while executing Barry’s individualized running programs. A user can close their eyes and relax while doing their personally designed workout. During the session, the user can focus on mechanics and breathing or just close their eyes and listen to waterfalls or their favorite music. Using Barry’s programmed methods on the anti-gravity treadmill can safely improve running speed, cardiovascular endurance, and promote recovery.

Barry is bringing the insider elite training methods to the public. Contact us today to learn more.  

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Source: SPACE Performance Lab and Running Center

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