The Newest 'Person Search' Platform is Simple, Affordable and Confidential

Trust? Absolutely. But, verify too.

Glad I Know Inc. ( (GIK) is the newest person search solution in town. GIK’s technology connects consumers to one of the most comprehensive databases of information available on any person of interest – nearly any adult in the U.S. Hundreds of millions of records are searched and returned in seconds and the search is always 100 percent confidential. The only person that knows about the search and the results is the customer.

'The People We Think We Know'

“Our mission is to give everyone easy, affordable and confidential access to important background information to help safeguard our customers and their loved ones,” says Jeff Briggs, founder and CEO. Jeff has been an attorney and entrepreneur in the consumer information industry for 20 years. As a father of two young children, Jeff knows the value and importance of this information firsthand. “Trust?  Absolutely. But, verify too. When it comes to you and your family, it’s just a smart thing to do.”   

With 20 years in the industry, Jeff knows the data suppliers well. “In order to provide our customers one of the highest-quality products available, our data partners are some of the very best in the industry.” The result is the Comprehensive Report, which includes 30-plus individual search products, including criminal, sexual offender, civil, financial, property, address, contact, social, phone records and much more, all for $9.99 or less. “We invite anyone to compare our quality and value against others that charge two to three times more,” says Jeff.  

Hour One, an El Segundo-based advertising agency, has overseen all the strategy, creative, production and media.

'Hall of Oversharing'

“It’s truly an exciting product,” says Jeanann Grubbs, founder and CEO of Hour One. “Just as the name implies, we’ll be able to provide consumers peace of mind when it comes to the people in their lives. It’ll be exciting to bring this product to those who can benefit from it the most, like parents or those who are online dating.”

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