The New SCANIUS-LINE Combines Long Travel With the Accuracy of a Piezo Drive in a Compact Design

piezosystem jena presents the new product of piezobased long travel stages - the SCANIUS-LINE. Starting with the SCANIUStwo XY stage, piezosystem jena will introduce new stages in the following months.


The new product development is based on the use of piezoelectric ultrasonic motors. The advantage of these motors is the permanent frictional connection between drive and output. This ensures that the moving planes are always positioned securely, even when the power is switched off.

The movements of the table are stable and consistent, while the moving axis is prevented from slipping. A further advantage is that the table does not create any electromagnetic fields.  

The new SCANIUStwo table combines technical features that were previously in conflict: A travel speed of up to 160 mm/s with a resolution of 40 nm. In addition, the SCANIUStwo offers a travel range of 150 mm in the X-axis and 72 mm in the Y-axis.

A special feature is the low overall height of less than 35 mm, which makes the SCANIUStwo table one of the thinnest models on the market. Loads of up to 3 kg are also no problem for the cross XY table.

The new SCANIUS-LINE is suitable for a wide range of applications due to its speed, extreme accuracy and compact design. The long travel product SCANIUS-LINE is fully scalable for travel ranges of up 40 cm, while still achieving precision down to 40 nm.

About piezosystem jena

piezosystem jena is well known as a specialist for piezo stages, which can achieve high resolution, but are limited in total travel. The new SCANIUS-LINE demonstrates that piezosystem jena can also develop stages for total motion in the range of centimertes, while still achieving highest accruacy. piezosystem jena has built a center of competence for customer inquiries that require longer travel.

Source: piezosystem jena

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