The 'New Normal' for Employees; Going to Work Will Feel Like Going Through Airport Security Screening in This Post-Pandemic World

Automate the Covid Screening questionnaire within seconds. With the Health Screening App that captures and delivers immediate compliance notifications.

Employee Covid Screening with

As the CDC Guidelines for employee screening requirements have been adopted by most states, businesses are experiencing operational costs and productivity challenges. According to OSHA, organizations that do not provide adequate documentation of their health screening process may be fined. The MyLobby Health Screening App will reduce the friction and the time-consuming aspects of the screening process. This service provides a cost-effective approach to meet compliance regulations while also providing peace of mind for both employers and employees.

COVID-19 Health Screening App called MyLobby (parent company MyMedia Inc), provides a safe and secure check-in process through digitization and automation. In addition, as workplaces finally reopen, COVID-19 employee screening apps will diminish bottlenecking by 75% related to manual screenings. 

How does it work?

Just imagine an employee responding to your daily COVID-19 questionnaire from your smartphone on the way to work. When arriving at the entry point, you are automatically signed in. Then, if a temperature reading is required, you display your QR code to pair the on-premises tablet with a non-contact infrared thermometer. This entire process can be done within seconds using the MyLobby Health Screening App. 

All employee entries are captured securely on a central server database in real-time. The collection of this data allows your compliance team to:

  • Track, trace, and monitor on one platform automatically
  • Customized questionnaires 
  • Real-time data capture
  • Template questionnaire in compliance with CDC  
  • Print a screening pass
  • Send dual compliance notifications to the compliance manager and department manager to alert work status 
  • Enforce compliance at the facility; safeguard against liability and legal action

Currently, the MyLobby Health screening app has over 250,000 monthly active users, including industry leaders such as Nikon and YMCA; many corporations actively understand the importance of building confidence with employees to diminish the anxiety of security incidents and COVID-19 outbreaks.

"Our goal was to make the health screening process as frictionless as possible and just as easy as ordering a Starbucks latte from the Starbucks app. Instead of ordering your latte, you respond to the COVID-19 questionnaire on your way to work, show your QR code when you arrive and voila, you're all done!" said John Liberatore, CEO of MyLobby. 


Since 2005, MyMedia Inc.'s mission has been to help companies communicate with digital display technology. The company's COVID-19 Health Screening App has continually met organizational needs related to risk and incident management.

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