The New Home Company Joins Eliant Verified Homebuyer Reviews Platform

Experience management company signs The New Home Company to its best-in-class new home community review website, Eliant Reviews

Eliant, the leader in experience management solutions for the homebuilding industry, today announced the signing of The New Home Company, a publicly traded homebuilder based in Irvine, Calif., to its best-in-class new home community review website Eliant Reviews ( With this client addition, Eliant grows its listing of participating national and regional homebuilders to the Reviews platform.

"Our vision is for Eliant Reviews to become homebuyers' go-to destination for verified, unbiased online reviews about the communities that they are considering calling home. With these additions to our already robust roster of participating clients, the platform becomes an even more valuable resource to the homebuying public," stated Eliant's President, Fernanda Luick.

Aggregate ratings are published for the homebuilder in addition to detailed ratings and comments per community. A fantastic sales and marketing tool, Eliant Reviews makes it easy for homebuilders to source and publish verified homebuyer reviews, respond to homebuyer comments directly, and build trust with prospective homebuyers who go online to research new home communities.

"Research shows that consumer reviews are very influential on the homebuyer's purchasing journey. We have found that homebuilders who publish verified homebuyer ratings and reviews experience higher degrees of brand trust and credibility, leading to more referral sales," Luick continued.

The New Home Company has a strong record in the Eliant Home program. In 2020, it received "The Eliant" award for providing its customers with the best purchase and ownership experiences of any builder in the United States. It was the second straight year that NEW HOME earned The Eliant, and fifth time since the company was formed in 2009.

"Our recognition as Eliant's most awarded builder for customer satisfaction matters deeply to us and is one of the five pillars of the NEW HOME credo," said Leonard Miller, President and Chief Executive Officer of NEW HOME. "We care about our homebuyers' experience, the quality of their home and our commitment to stand behind their home. We also strive to offer industry leading design and to leave our communities a better place. We value homeowner feedback and continually work to improve at delivering a 'best in class' experience. Eliant Reviews provides an unbiased third-party forum that offers another tool for the homebuyer in their buying decision."

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Source: Eliant, Inc.