The New Generation Entrepreneurs Assigning High Value to Industry Conferences

Importance of industrial conferences has grown significantly amidst new generation entrepreneurs. Conference management portals like allow organizers to list their upcoming event on the website where enthusiastic participants can look it up.

With the business meets organized by the governments and local authorities the importance of conferences has significantly increased. These platforms have become ideal for new generation entrepreneurs to stay updated on changing industry trends, learn about new ideas and to stay ahead of the curve. The number of conferences organized over the year has certainly seen a sharp rise in number.

The new generation of entrepreneurs, especially ones from the emerging market, have renewed the popularity of industry conferences. Those are no longer looked upon as wastage of time or a platform for an overzealous salesperson to pitch a new product or service.  Most conference goers now consider that these events offer value addition for their business. It creates valuable content for them that they can use in furthering their business.

Why industry conferences are important?

Industrial conferences aren’t new. These have been into existence as long as human history. Conferences were platforms for various industry players - entrepreneurs, professionals, agents, stakeholders, and marketing professionals, to come together and learn from each other and exchange ideas. Often these are the best way to stay updated on the latest innovations, business ideas and future trends and threats. The gain from attending an industry conference also extends to building networks, refreshing old ties and knowing new people.

According to .in, an portal for listing conference and receiving conference alerts, the craze for conferences and seminars has increased rapidly with introduction of new technological innovations. Their claim is substantiated by the fact that the site currently lists over 5 million listing and over 50 million inquiries over different events.

.in is currently the portal for conference alerts. It is a non-profit website that works as a linking platform between organizers and participants. Earlier enthusiasts have only limited access to information on conferences being held in India and abroad. Newspapers, journal and periodicals and personal invitations were the only sources. As a result both organizers failed to target the right audience and participants struggled to get information on events of their interest. Platforms like .in bring information to one’s fingertips. They present a powerful search tool that allow user to search according to venue, time, and topics and can be saved on Google Calendar. Lists are customized month wise, city wise and topic wise for the convenience of a user. Upon being asked about most searched about topics of interest on their website the spokesperson replied technology, engineering, society and economics, and web technology are some of those.

 About .in

.in is a non-profit portal for conference listing and conference alerts. They are the current number 1 in the industry with more than 5 million conferences and seminars listed with them. They have an extensive network of event organizers, who periodically post about their upcoming event. It is an information goldmine for enthusiastic participants in staying updated on their topics of interest.


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