The New ACM 2.0 - Not Just Another Wallet

ACM Enterprises Inc. releases the new ACM 2.0 Wallet for pre-sale using Kickstarter on August 22, 2023. Inventors of the first and only patented mechanical wallet that individually selects and protects cards have completely redesigned the original, making it smaller and lighter while still retaining its unique patented mechanism.

ACM® Enterprises Inc., inventors of the first patented mechanical wallet, have completely redesigned the original ACM 1.0. Led by the inventor and a team of engineers, they completed two years of R&D redesign, reducing the size by 20% and weight by 25%.

ACM's COO, Brad Stephenson, stated, "The entire look and feel is different, looks futuristic … the push pads feel great and fit in the hand like a glove."

In 2001, ACM® created a new way people carried their credit cards and cash. ACM's CEO, James Allen, said, "This new version continues our evolution of mechanical wallets with ACM ProTek™ 2.0 leading the way. In the entire 23 years since the original ACM® Wallet, I have never been more confident that the new 2.0 is the fastest, most efficient and organized wallet ever invented."

Teaming with the Kickstarter Platform affords the ability to reach an existing customer base and, ultimately, millions of new viewers to the ACM Wallet experience. 

• Kickstarter for Presale, while waiting for the anticipated arrival of the newly manufactured ACM® 2.0 Wallets. 

• ACM's existing customer base of hundreds of thousands worldwide, plus Kickstarter, with the opportunity to purchase an Early-Bird Special 48-hour offer with a double discount.

Jellop Inc., a media company specializing in promoting Kickstarter products, is supporting ACM through a 30-day program. 

ACM Enterprises Inc. is an Arizona-based company established in 2001 for the sole purpose of manufacturing and distributing the patented ACM® Wallets. In those 23 years, ACM Wallet has been featured in numerous magazines and publications and was CNBC's Million-Dollar Product in 2007. Skymall Magazine featured the ACM® Wallet eight times on the cover during its 10-year tenure, becoming the most successful product of the thousands sold in the magazine.

Source: ACM Enterprises Inc.


In 2001, ACM® became the first alternative mechanical wallet, money-clip & card holder to enter the multi-billion dollar wallet industry. Our patented invention changed the wallet industry, evolving into a trend of alternative card and currency holder wallets. Today ACM Wallet remains in a class of its own.

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