The Most Powerful All-Round Headlamp, Fenix HM75R is Now Available


Fenixlight Limited is proud to announce the launch of the new Fenix HM75R, a high-performance headlamp that can meet heavy lighting demands. The Fenix HM75R is a high-performance separation style headlamp. With an ultra-long runtime of 234 hours, it is an excellent lighting tool for SAR missions, industrial work, caving, trekking, or other outdoor activities.

The HM75R headlamp features a dual-light design and is made of magnesium alloy, making it lighter and more reliable. Additionally, the included 5000mAh large-capacity power extender can be placed on the rear, providing a more comfortable and stable fit while wearing.

Catering to the needs of accurate and easy operation in challenging work environments, the rotary switch and electronic switch combo cannot be a better choice. The rotary switch allows you to switch between three modes, while the electronic switch enables you to select output.

Equipped with Luminus SST40 cold white LED, Luminus SST20 neutral white LEDs, and OSRAM GR QSSPA1.23 red LED, the headlamp offers spotlight mode, floodlight mode, and red light mode. The white light can reach a maximum brightness of 1600 lumens, while the red light has a maximum output of 120 lumens, which is not commonly found in the current market. The red light is perfect for outdoor hunting and locking targets as it does not attract mosquitoes. The floodlight is neutral white light with a high CRI of up to 95, making it ideal for lighting needs in textile mills, printers, or paint shops.

Another highlight is the included power extender. It is powered by a 21700 battery and comes with two charging cables. One of the cables is 42 cm in length, while the other is 100 cm. The shorter cable is basically enough for daily wear of the headlamp. If wearing the headlamp and power extender at the same time feels too heavy, simply detach the power extender and put it in your pocket or attach it to your belt.

More importantly, the loose cable situation will no longer be a bother while you are moving around because the ends of two charging cables can be securely locked in a second, which allows you to fully concentrate on your work. The power extender can also charge your phone and it supports 18 W fast discharging.

The headlamp features a built-in intelligent brightness downshift circuit. When the lamp head is close to multiple illuminated obstacles or in a confined space, it will automatically downshift to Low output to avoid potential burns. 

The Fenix HM75R headlamp can meet the user's needs while at work. Fenix headlamps are well-known for their durability and have been used by over 10 million people worldwide. You can always trust Fenix headlamps to provide reliable illumination in any field.

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