The Most Dramatic Waterfall in Madrid is Inside a Hotel and Has No Water

​Starting Feb. 26, Madrid will be filled with the finest international art as part of the new edition of ARCO, the main contemporary art fair on the international circuit. Travelers flocking into the city can also experience one of the tallest and most complex interior sculptures in Europe created by artist and engineer Pere Gifre (Figueres, 1974). Housed in VP Plaza España Design, the impressive waterfall sculpture is a great example of impressive innovation.

Inspired by Salvador Dalí and Antoni Gaudí, the sculptural designer was able to find the forms and volumes of water by playing with the density of water, achieving the effect of movement without a single drop flowing through the work. Due to lighting techniques used, the 82 feet tall waterfall is capable of emulating a variety of forms of liquid such as lava, gold and even mercury, as well as water, depending on the events scheduled. At the top of the sculpture is the glass base of a pool with a transparent bottom where hotel guests can swim and see the fall from eight stories high. In the evening, guests of Ginkgo Restaurant & Sky Bar can walk along the footbridge, also made of glass to appreciate the unique work of art.

Since its opening in early 2018, VP Plaza España Design has been committed to art and design, which is apparent in the property’s decoration, furniture, architecture and luxury services that coexist in perfect harmony. The property showcases over 300 works of art by renowned artists, including Jan Hendrix (Maasbree, 1949), creator of the Ginkgo Biloba Japanese tree works display in both the majestic mural in the lobby, as well as in the multipurpose space located on the 12th floor of Ginkgo Restaurant & Sky Bar; painter Darío Urzay (Bilbao, 1958), with elaborate paintings placed in the hotel lobby welcoming guests as they arrive; or Hèléne Bergaz (Madrid, 1977), who has given his master touch to the rooms with an avant-garde photographic assemblies that can be appreciated in most of the rooms. Likewise, artists Fernando Palacios, Nacho Zubelzu, Verónica Domingo, Patricia Sanjuán and Julián Polvorinos have contributed to the 'Design' philosophy at the hotel.

As a result, VP Plaza España Design stands as an icon of design, art and architecture in Madrid, being the first to offer a unique experience that revolutionizes the concept of a hotel that breathes a different air of luxury in the Spanish capital.

Source: VP Plaza España Design