The Money Cloud Empowers SMEs to Manage Their Foreign Exchange Exposure and Find Secure and Trustworthy Payment Providers

London-based fintech platform facilitates hassle-free foreign exchange rate comparison and FX execution providing big banking tools to SMEs and individuals

Currency comparison and trading is one of the most crucial parts for a global business, start-ups, and even for individuals. It is exhausting to find the best provider who caters to one's specific requirements. In 2004, The Money Cloud's founders created the world's first international money transfer comparison site and have been enabling SMEs and individuals to compare the services of multiple payment providers ever since.

The platform provides an FX management solution for SMEs, compares forex providers, and helps with the process of intelligently selecting the best payment provider to suit its customer's needs, also allowing users to register and execute trades for cross-border transactions all on a single platform.

The Money Cloud replaces the need to tediously compare foreign exchange rates and provides the convenient option of suggesting the most trustworthy, secure, and affordable options available through the integration of the provider's full international payment services in a single account. 

"The biggest problem our customers face is that they have been using banks to send money abroad, so they are charged bigger fees and get smaller exchange rates. The Money Cloud lays out the option for different currency specialists, FX brokers, and other payment institutions, so you can see how much your money is worth in the new currency", says Emmanuel Addy, the co-founder, and CEO.

"We have seen tremendous growth since we started in the money transfer sector 2004, with our services being used by the World Bank, UK government and other organizations. We started to help migrant workers to find an alternative to traditional money transfer services, we still cater to migrant workers, it's still a part of who we are and what we do", Addy adds 

Huw Jenkins, co-founder, and CTO quotes - "We operate in a global market, the size of which is supported by the Bank for International Settlements reporting consumer deliverable foreign exchange is estimated to be $1.6 trillion per day. Our global target audience are SMEs, governments, and individuals making international payments, 85% who still use retail banks offering poor exchange rates and charge transaction fees".

The fintech platform has partnered with a select number of FX brokers to offer a full-service experience without leaving the website. One can compare FX brokers, select the one they want to use, and through a simple sign-up process, can securely gather the information to open a trading account with the broker. Also, an FX management dashboard is provided for each new signup that enables one to make additional trades, monitor their historical transactions and register for additional brokers to make further savings.

By simplifying the process of comparing international currencies and the services of various payment providers, The Money Cloud aspires to be a disruptor in the cross-border payments industry.

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