THE Monaco Collection Is Releasing Modern Jewelry That Will Style You Throughout the Summer

Janice Abarbanel's selection of basket hoop earrings are setting new trends in wearable art.

The Monaco Collection Sneak Peek

Janice Abarbanel has officially launched a collection of art jewelry that will be turning heads this summer.

Janice Abarbanel’s innate ability takes a popular, classic style of jewelry and expresses it in her point of view in a way that is unique and recognizable. 

The Monaco Collection honors a style of jewelry that dates back to as early as 2500 B.C.E. Janice skillfully captures an old-world feeling with her modern voice, that’s evolved this ancient charm to perfectly complement the every and any day style of women today.

As a daughter of a dressmaker, her childhood was exposed to exotic fabrics that came from all around the world. “I still distinctively remember fabrics that came from India, as they were vivid in color and rich in texture. Those memories had a strong impact on me, my life and my path”. Because of this, she believes her unique expression of color and texture are ever-present in her designs. 

After training at the Rhode Island School of Design, Janice went on to win national awards in juried competitions. As a woman, she understands her customers who value earrings that are lightweight, comfortable and have great movement when worn. The Monaco Collection features a ball and s-curve ear wire that has become her signature style in the overall basket hoop design. She believes sometimes the simplest design element can have a large impact on the entire design. The collection features an imaginative use of texture that has become exemplary of Janice’s fine art jewelry. She is excited to announce the availability of The Monaco Collection designs and to share her pieces with women on a local, national and international level.

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I make timeless art jewelry for women of ages 35 - 65. My customer is a design maverick who thinks of their jewelry as a unique expression of themselves. They are confident women who like to express their unmistakable style.

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