The Modular Mobilization Coalition Announces New Contract

The Modular Mobilization Coalition (MMC) announces today that it has signed a new contract to build a 44 module, 15,800 square foot apartment building complex in the Washington D.C. market.

The MMC is a group of 15 independent modular construction companies who own and operate 2 dozen factories nationwide. We represent 4,000+ dedicated employees with a combined annual output of over $500MM.

The MMC engaged 4 signatory factories from within the coalition network with strategic regional locations close to Washington D.C. to provide the client with a range of options that fit within their timeline and budget. One of the MMC’s strengths is the ability to manage this process to assure a fair and competitive process for the client.

“The MMC is thrilled to sign a contract to begin our Washington D.C. project, with many more to come. By putting together this coalition we are able to rapidly deploy modular solutions at a fixed price anywhere in the United States,” said Colby Swanson, Coalition Director of The Modular Mobilization Coalition. “The MMC was developed to bring best in class modular construction companies together to develop an innovative product portfolio. We see great opportunities in residential and commercial building and especially in the affordable housing marketplace.”

The Washington D.C. project, designed by Eric Colbert & Associates (ECA), will go into production July 2020 and delivered to site by August 2020.

About The Modular Mobilization Coalition
MMC is a nationwide network of modular manufacturers and builders who united together during the COVID-19 crisis to build alternative care facilities. Our large coalition has expanded our products and services to target highly repeatable building archetypes. MMC’s market focus is affordable and supportive housing, market-rate multi-family, student dorms, and the hospitality segment. MMC manages activities for clients ranging from small to large projects anywhere in the country.  


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