The MediMixer, a Children's Medicine Dispenser That Will Revolutionize the Way Children Take Their Medicine Launches on Kickstarter

Looking more like a toy, the MediMixer is the first ever interactive medicine mixer and dispenser with a reward system attached, which is fun for a child, easy for the parent and treats the problem which is great for the doctor.

Children do not like taking medicine.  Perhaps it’s the taste of the medicine or the texture of the pill when it’s crushed in their mouth… Whatever the case, getting children to take their medicine can be a struggle for both the child and caretaker.

Until now….

The MediMixer is an innovative, high quality children’s medicine mixer and dispenser that provides a stress free way for children to take their medicine.  The MediMixer takes the child’s mind off their dislike of taking medicine by involving them in a playful way and providing them with a reward afterwards.

Here’s how it works: If the child is taking a liquid medicine they would pour the prescribed amount of medicine in to a funnel at the top of the devise or, if they are taking a pill, they would drop the pill in to the hole of the pill crusher and crush away, turning the pill in to a powder.  The powder or liquid medicine is then mixed with the child’s favorite drink and then the child turns the wheel, blending the medicine with their drink.  The child then dispenses the medicine in to a cup, turns the sand timer over and races against the clock.  Once finished, a reward ticket is dispensed where the value of the ticket is determined by the caretaker.  The prize could be ice cream, a trip to the toy store or money.

“Getting children to take their medicine is a daily challenge I hear from a lot of my patient’s parents” said Pediatrician Dr Jason Bromberg.  “When I write a prescription for a sick child, I often hear parents say how am I going to get my child to take their medicine? I can see the stress in their face.  I can see the MediMixer being recommended daily to parents.  Thousands of thousands of children could be using this daily.  The MediMixer takes a child’s mind off the taste of medicine.  It’s going to change pediatrics and the way children take their medicine.”

The MediMixer cuts down the medicine taking process from hours to just minutes.  It is fun to use, easy to clean, dishwasher safe and will be manufactured in the United States using only the highest quality, BPA free parts.  The MediMixer is child test, parent approved and Doctor recommended and has launched on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform to help promote and raise money for the next phase of the MediMixer.

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