The Media Ant - India's First Ecommerce Platform for Media Buying is a market place for media. Media owners list the details of their media on the site for advertisers to discover and execute. This is a free service both to the media owners and the advertisers. The Media Ant has information for more than 2,00,000 advertising touch points across various offline and online media verticals.

In an era where everything is being bought online, buying advertising space online has hitherto remained untouched.

So when the founders of The Media Ant were looking for advertising options for their earlier Startup they could not find anything online. In their personal problem they saw an opportunity and started The Media Ant. India’s first and perhaps world’s too, The Media Ant has rates and availability for more than 2 lakh media options spread across verticals like Television, Newspaper, Radio, Digital and 5 others.

Founded in 2012 through Power of Ideas accelerator program, The Media Ant has served more than 500,000 small and large advertisers till date.  As per Samir Chaudhary, CEO Founder The Media Ant, “We are not only an ecommerce company but more of a Discovery platform. We help our advertisers not only buy media online but also discover what media is right for you, discover the lowest price and discover the right people to execute your work”

The future plan is to get all media in India listed on their site and showcase it in a easy discoverable manner. We are halfway there, says Samir. Whether you are  a shoe seller from Agra or an App based service provider in Bangalore, The Media Ant should be able to solve your basic question of “What is the best advertising option for my product and how to go about it?”

In Dec 2015, The Media Ant also launched 12TH Cross, a marketing services market place and Chakra, a marketing forum targeted only to advertisers and marketers.

As per Samir, the idea behind launching 12TH Cross and Chakra is to let the marketers have a single platform to enable them perform all their marketing activities.


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