The MACK Group 2010 Safety Record

The MACK Group is Pleased to Announce 2010 to be a Year of Non-Recordable Incidents and Continued EMR of Below 1.0.

The MACK Group is Pleased to Announce 2010 to be a Year of Non-Recordable Incidents and Continued EMR of Below 1.0.

The MACK Group is proud to announce that the 2010 year was a year of non-recordable OSHA incidents and another year since its start of an EMR rating of below 1.0. A record like this can only be accomplished through the dedication to safety and teamwork of our employees, subcontractors and clients.

During 2010, The MACK Group performed all work without an OSHA recordable incident / accident. This work was performed on asbestos, mold and lead abatement and removal, demolition, industrial and pharmaceutical duct cleaning and biological and chemical remediation, and all types of concrete surface preparation and floor covering removal (shot blasting, terminator sales, etc.) projects. Each project was overseen by a site safety officer and staffed by a site supervisor who enforced The MACK Group's corporate Health and Safety Plan as well as client specific safety standards and, of course, all OSHA and ANSI standards.

The MACK Group prioritizes safety on each and every project as well as throughout the organization. Everyone, from the owner's of the company to the laborers as well as any subcontractors, is actively involved in The MACK Group's commitment to an incident-free workplace.

This safety record has been made possible through The MACK Group's commitment to educating and training employees (40 Hour Hazwhoper, 10 & 30 OSHA Construction Training, etc.), providing the latest technology in tools and equipment and our employees dedication to implementing proper safety procedures and immediately correcting any potential hazards.

The MACK Group is dedicated to continuing this exceptional safety record through 2011 and beyond.

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The MACK group is one of the premier asbestos abatement / removal, demolition and environmental remediation contractors in the United States. The MACK Group offers Asbestos, Demolition and Environmental Remediation services throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico to industries such as commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical, power plant, chemical, petrochemical, telecommunications, education and retail just to mention a few.

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