The LineUp With LJ Mazzilli & Mike Olt Takes the Field at Tiedin Studios

Tiedin Studios welcomes former pro baseball players LJ Mazzilli & Mike Olt to its podcast family with 'The LineUp' — a unique and entertaining look at baseball and life after the game.

The LineUp with LJ Mazzilli and Mike Olt

Tiedin Studios is thrilled to introduce its newest addition to the podcast family: The LineUp with LJ Mazzilli & Mike Olt. This dynamic duo, both former professional baseball players and UCONN alumni, bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the table each week. Join them as they discuss all things baseball, life after the game, mindset, business, and more.

LJ Mazzilli and Mike Olt's extensive experience in the world of baseball make them the perfect duo to offer a fresh and insightful perspective on the sport. Mazzilli's impressive career in the minor leagues, playing up to AAA level with the NY Mets and NY Yankees AAA team for a season, as well as playing for the Long Island Ducks from 2013-2019, coupled with Olt's successful 10-year professional career with several teams including the Padres, Chicago Cubs and the The Texas Rangers, make them a force to be reckoned with in the baseball world.

Their new podcast, The LineUp with LJ and Mike, offers fans a unique and honest look at the sport, as well as life after baseball. Both Mazzilli and Olt are starting new careers and navigating a different path, and their podcast will cover all the bases, from sports to life, keeping fans engaged and entertained.

"We're excited to bring our podcast to Tiedin Studios and work with their talented team," says Mazzilli. "We want to create a show that not only informs and educates fans about the game but also shares some of the fun and humor that we experienced as players."

"We know that there are a lot of baseball podcasts out there, but we think we have a unique perspective and chemistry that will make The LineUp stand out," adds Olt. "We're grateful for the opportunity to partner with Tiedin Studios and bring our vision to life."

Beginning March 30, 2023, The LineUp with LJ Mazzilli & Mike Olt podcast will be available on all major podcast platforms. Visit the podcast's website at or follow them on social media @thelineupwithLJandMike.

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