The Lifetime Value Company Named #1 Company for Professionals Under 35 in Costa Rica by FirstJob

The Lifetime Value Company topped the list out of the survey of 2,800 young professionals from 47 companies in Costa Rica and ranked 3rd place in Central America overall in the Tech Industry.

The Lifetime Value Company

The Lifetime Value Company (LTVCo.) has been named the #1 company for professionals under 35 in Costa Rica by FirstJob and third best overall in the Employers for Youth Tech 2023 competition in Central America. LTVCo. is a tech company comprising seven brands focused on making public data accessible. 

FirstJob, a company specializing in employability data, revealed the results of the Employers For Youth (EFY) 2023 and the Employers For Youth (EFY) Tech 2023 studies, which were conducted for the fourth and third consecutive years, respectively. The Employers For Youth award analyzes data from professionals up to 35 years of age and evaluates employee experience in companies in Costa Rica and 14 other Latin American countries, while the EFY Tech 2023 award measures and compares the experience of employees in technology companies in Central America and in 10 other Latin American countries. 

Both awards analyze companies on 10 different dimensions: recognition, work environment, talent, reputation, innovation, infrastructure, diversity and culture, quality of life, career development and benefits. 

“We’re incredibly honored by these recognitions from FirstJob. The EFY Costa Rica award is especially significant as Costa Rica is home to many of our extraordinarily talented team members,” said Josh Levy, CEO and co-founder of The Lifetime Value Company. ”These team members pour their hearts and souls into creating an environment that encourages everyone to continually learn, grow, and bring their best selves to work every day. We couldn’t be more proud of the team.”

One of the main characteristics of the EFY studies is that they are 100% quantitative and there is no cost for companies to participate.

EFY Costa Rica 2023 included 2,800 participants, while throughout Latin America, the survey is conducted to more than 100,000 professionals and more than 1,000 companies. 

EFY Tech Central America 2023 was applied to 2,000 respondents in 29 companies in different Central American countries.

In the 2023 EFY Tech awards, diversity & culture, work environment and quality of life were the dimensions best evaluated by professionals, who highlighted learning and work environment as determining attributes when choosing and recommending tech companies in Latin America. Similarly, diversity & culture, quality of life and innovation were among the dimensions most highly rated by employees under 35 in Costa Rica.

"The dimensions and attributes help us to understand what young people are looking for today when joining a tech company in Central America and show us that salary and benefits are not the only variables they take into account when joining and staying in a company, especially in this particular industry," said Mario Mora, CEO and founder of FirstJob. 

Job stability and learning were the attributes most valued by young professionals in Costa Rica and by young professionals working in tech companies in Central America! The EFY Youth Costa Rica study also showed that the main attributes for attracting and retaining talent in the country are job stability (20%) and learning and development (17%), followed by benefits (11%). These figures show the main needs and interests of millennials and Gen Zers in the professional world when it comes to applying and choosing a company to work for.

The EFY Tech study also showed that the main attributes for attracting and retaining talent in the country are learning and development (18%) and work environment (17%). These figures show the interests of today's technology professionals when choosing where to work.

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