The Life You Can Save Announces Major Updates and Celebrates $100 Million in Donations Moved to Its Recommended Nonprofits

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The Life You Can Save, an organization known for recommending research-based charities working on interventions across the multidimensional factors of poverty, today announced reaching a significant milestone of surpassing $100 million in donations to its recommended nonprofits since its inception in 2013. This milestone coincides with the organization's celebration of its 10-year anniversary, an updated charity evaluation framework, and the appointment of Jessica La Mesa and Andrea La Mesa as co-CEOs.

Central to its latest advancements, The Life You Can Save has updated its charity evaluation framework to focus more intensively on the complexities of poverty, utilizing the Multidimensional Poverty Index. The Multidimensional Poverty Index, or MPI, acknowledges that poverty's impact extends beyond financial scarcity to include health, education and living standards. The guiding framework retains a focus on robust evidence to drive decision-making. By adopting a more rigorous and comprehensive evaluation framework, the organization ensures that its recommended charities are effectively addressing the complexities of poverty to maximize the impact of collective donor contributions.

“Our enhanced evaluation method and strategic partnerships are designed to amplify our impact,” said Katie Stanford, Director of Research at The Life You Can Save. “Sharpening our focus helps us guide donors as they make informed decisions and impactful contributions to address global poverty."

In addition to adopting a refreshed approach to charity evaluation, The Life You Can Save appointed new leadership to further strengthen the organization's mission. Former Silicon Valley executives Jessica and Andrea La Mesa will co-lead The Life You Can Save into its next decade. The wife and husband duo are passionate about innovation and impact and bring a wealth of experience and expertise in impact investing, technology and philanthropy. 

In a joint statement, Jessica and Andrea La Mesa expressed, “We are both excited and deeply committed to leveraging our backgrounds to amplify The Life You Can Save’s remarkable work. We are eager to contribute our energies and expertise to not only grow the organization but also to ensure that every donation makes the most significant possible difference in the lives of those in need. It's more than a responsibility; it's a passion that drives us to work towards a world where the alleviation of poverty is not just a goal, but a reality."

As The Life You Can Save continues to grow and evolve, it remains dedicated to its core mission of fighting poverty effectively and efficiently. The organization's updates and milestones reflect its ongoing commitment to evidence-based practices and continuous improvement. Through its refreshed charity evaluation approach, new leadership and expanded efforts, The Life You Can Save is poised to make an even greater impact in the lives of those affected by poverty. 

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The Life You Can Save was founded to promote high-impact philanthropy, meaning giving that is research-based and cost-effective.


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