The Law Office of Michael A. Jacobs Announces Jacobs' Candidacy for District Attorney of Orange County, California

Michael A. Jacobs is announcing his intent to run for election to the position of District Attorney of Orange County, California. Jacobs is a former Orange County Deputy District Attorney with nearly 30 years of experience as a prosecutor. His qualifications are those of a prosecutor, not a politician. He spent 25 of his years in the office in trial units. During his career, he worked in the Felony Panel and the Career Criminal, Sexual Assault, Narcotics/Special Assignments and Homicide units. He worked in the Homicide Unit for 13 years and supervised it for three years. 

During his career, he tried the first Three Strikes case in the county that resulted in a life sentence. He prosecuted the first case where a driving under the influence case resulted in a second-degree murder conviction, the second death penalty case under the present death penalty laws, and a serial sexual assault case where DNA results were introduced into evidence for the first time in Orange County.

In 1996, he initiated a review of a series of sexual assault homicides that occurred in the late 1970s. The investigation led to the arrest of an ex-Marine, Gerald Parker. His conviction of six counts of murder resulted in a death sentence. It also exonerated and freed an innocent man who had been wrongly convicted of one of the offenses and had served 16 years in prison. 

After Parker was in custody, Mr. Jacobs organized and obtained funding from the state for an unsolved homicide project named TRACKRS. In 2001, he also initiated the Orange County Innocence Project. It involved providing O.C.D.A. forms to all of the state's prison facilities. The forms were intended for inmates who felt that they had been wrongly convicted. Inmates could complete and return the forms without the assistance of counsel.

It is time for new management of the District Attorney's Office. This is particularly necessary in order to face today's atmosphere of increased criminal conduct and violence. District Attorney should not be a position for career politicians. If elected District Attorney, he will use his experience to ensure that the District Attorney's Office operates in a professional and ethical manner, focused on the prosecution of criminal violations.

Contact Phone No.: (949) 943-4132


Source: Law Office of Michael A. Jacobs