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-​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Actor and Musician Jordan Lawson was born, Jordan Lawson Harris on November 25th in Charlotte, North Carolina. He spent his early childhood years with his parents, Nancy Cathlyn Boyd and Victor Russell Harris. Early on, Jordan would spend his free time after school playing his favorite songs from his favorite bands and reading plays and scripts. He was always giving a performance to friends, family and those around him. His ideas, performances and gifts were new to everyone, however he knew at an early age that he wanted more than what the small town he lived in had to offer. In High School, Jordan would perform in various plays and productions put on by his teachers and the school. His acting teacher at that time would coach him on his craft. As his abilities developed, he soon moved to New York City. He had grown up strong and straight. He knew what he wanted much earlier on in life and after the move to the Big Apple, he decided to go for what always made him happy. Theatre in New York at that time for him was new and exciting. He joined various Theatre groups around town and started performing in one night only shows, as well as a few off-Broadway productions. After a year and a half, Jordan Lawson had developed a strong body of work. He continued to pursue the Theatre scene until friends he knew in Los Angeles convinced him to get more into Film and Television. So, in early 2006, he took the drive to Hollywood and found a small studio apartment on Hollywood Blvd and Wilcox Ave. He started out looking for work through friends and fellow actors he knew at the time. His first Film was entitled "The Valentine Nightmare". The Film soon screened in Hollywood and brought him some positive attention and feedback from the public. Jordan Lawson also got into the music scene as well, performing at various clubs and bars. Anywhere that he could be seen and make a little money. It wasn't much, but he managed for that first year playing music and doing other films like "The Secret Life of Tom Bishop" and "Roommates". In 2007-2008, Jordan got even more into his craft. Some of his more known films in those first fast years, included "DeTour", "LG:15 The Resistance (TV series)" and "Private Parking". Right around 2008-2009, Jordan realized that no one was going to help him with his career or life goals and that he was on his own. For now at least. He soon caught a break when he auditioned and booked a role in "Someone's Knocking at the Door" with Lew Temple. An intense, but popular film in the underground cinema crowd. He did a live performance on "The Daily Habit (TV series)" with his band at the time called, "The Flys", "Donation" with Kym Whitley, "408", a suspense thriller directed by Lucas Culshaw, "Sanctity", and "Zig Zag", which caught the attention of a much bigger audience and was shown for several months in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. This new and unique streak of films continued the next few years. Although struggling as an actor at that time, he appeared in dozens of short films, promos, feature films, including "The New Republic", "Project Purgatory", "Imperial Conquest", "Tent City USA", and the action/suspense film "Wasteland", directed by Xavior Kantz. The music scene for him was still going pretty strong and he began to develop a reputation around Hollywood. He was compared to so many different bass players and artists from before his time, including "Pink Floyd", "Led Zeppelin", "The Doors", and "Jaco Pastorius". Considered by many as one of the most promising bass players in the LA area at that time, Jordan Lawson began to receive offers from other musical artists. Session work was the bread and butter at the time, so he used these opportunities as a way to not only develop his work, but also to help him continue to grow as an artist and a person. He then continued to perform in films like "Bro" with Danny Trejo, "A Broken Code", "Coast Mafia", "Gone Doggy Gone", "Unusual Suspects (TV series)", "Battle B Boy", "Different Eye" and others. In 2015, Jordan Lawson booked a job on the show "Murder Book (TV series)". He also would spend a lot of time out of town doing work as well. The film "Delusional", starring Tuesday Knight, Perry King and Award winning actress Tracy Brooks Swope was in his words, according to (LA Daily News), "A great experience and a chance to get to know the kind of people I love having in my life". So many other friends he had made over the years, like actor Lejon Stewart for example, who had also appeared in several of Jordan's past films, were always around him. He definitely had a strong, big, passionate and loyal following from not only fans, but people he called Family. "JC Blues", "A Tennis Shoe in the Street", "Owl in Echo Park" and "Project Purgatory Beijing" were among other projects he worked on through 2015. During the 2016 new year, Jordan Lawson began planning to contribute to several other projects in pre-production that he felt would make a positive difference in people's lives. "Dinner with Tess", starring Tuesday Knight, Jed Rowen, Tracy Brooks Swope and himself was the perfect way to build a new, original and popular foundation for others to not only enjoy watching, but affect the audience in the most positive, fulfilling way he could imagine at the time. Jordan Lawson is currently in pre-production on "Getting the Kinks Out", which is a romantic comedy with Jordan Lawson starring along side Tuesday Knight, Tracy Brooks Swope and Heather Langenkamp. He mentioned in the past that he always loved working with familiar faces again and again. Several other feature films and a hand full of short films are also expected this year. He continues to pursue and mold his craft and ability as an actor and musician. He is currently in the studio with several others and will be releasing some new music material this year that is still not known, but is gaining popular demand by those who are familiar with his past work. (Written by: John P. Miller, Journalist - CNBC News)

"Jordan's First Night in Hollywood"

April 2006 - A young, eager, enthusiastic and driven Actor is riding down Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood. It's Wednesday night around 9:30pm, 85 degrees and the scene is booming with locals mixed with tourists. He's been driving for 3 days straight to get here. All are out on the town looking for a good time. These people are all looking for something, the boy thought. They're all looking for something that's been on their minds for a long time. It was obvious what these things were. Love. To be understood. To be respected. To be accepted. Something that's always been missing from their lives it seemed. It wasn't his kind of crowd. A bottle of beer and a few pick-up lines aren't going to get you what you really want, he said to himself as he observed all those walking the strip while on the way to his destination. The boy finally reaches home. His new home. A tiny, 400 square foot studio in the worst part of Hollywood right off the Blvd. The only thing that is appealing to the boy is the fact that whoever lived there before, neglected to keep the place up long enough so that he could literally see the writing on the wall. Under the flaky, torn paint that is barely holding on, he slowly peels away what is left and can see it. Her initials. NJ. Now, the manager told him this building had history. However, the boy already knew enough about the apartment long before the landlord started managing this dilapidated place. The boy knew exactly where he was standing. He was in the same place, the same apartment, the same spot where the only actress that he had ever thought of as any kind of Movie Star was standing. Almost 60 years prior actually. Her name was Norma Jeane. At that moment, the boy felt something. Something unfamiliar. An emotion that was strong enough to make him stumble. He didn't. Instead, he looked out the window. The same window that young, beautiful, talented and determined girl almost 60 years ago looked out of for some time. Imagining and dreaming of one day becoming what she always wanted to be. Hoping to one day make a positive difference in people's lives through her craft. Her art form. She did. She became Marilyn Monroe. The boy decided right then and there on his first day in LA that he was going to stay. Success. Respect. Love. Admiration. Credit. All things that don't come to anyone easily. If there was ever a moment in the boy's life that was going to affect the rest of his life, this was that moment. That first night in Hollywood was the beginning of a long journey. A journey he's still experiencing. He will be for the rest of his life, but he'll always remember where he came from, how he started and the people who supported him. (Written by: Sara Miller, Journalist - LA Daily News)

Some of the more notable and memorable comments on Jordan's past performances and music are listed below.

• "Jordan Lawson has the ability to convince anyone watching his work that he is not only 100% committed to the character, but he becomes that character. The industry needs a performer like this."

• "One of the best bassists in town."

• "I first saw Jordan Lawson in the film "Wasteland". I have never missed a performance since then. A true talent."

• "One of the most positive and creative people I have ever met. He has a way about him that's intense. People are starting to take notice when he walks into a room. They stop and listen to what he has to say. It's important to them. It means something because it comes from the heart."

(All Content Courtesy of: LA Daily News and CNBC News)

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