The Kite Life Global Network Of Schools Has Launched

Announcing the launch of The Kite Life network of kitesurfing schools. We experience wind, waves and the kitesurf vibe in epic destinations around the globe. Amazing destinations such as Brazil, South Africa and the Caribbean.

The Kite Life is on a mission to promote the awesome kiteboarding vibe we all love. To many kitesurfing schools have become student factories with no personal touch. The creator and owner, Gabe Webber, has spent the last three years traveling the globe as a kiteboard instructor. In this time, he has seen many schools that work well, but even more that fail miserably in fostering the epic kitesurfing vibe. Having spent the previous 8 years on Wall Street, he was on a mission to create the ultimate personal adventure business in the kiteboard industry.

The mission statement of The Kite Life is very simple: The Kite Life is not so much a concept, but a vibe we strive for when on a kitesurfing holiday. It's that exciting feeling of waking up to a solid wind forecast knowing we are about to have an epic day on the water. It's that amazing feeling of doing nothing but living a life of kitesurfing the wind, having a few beers with good people and watching beautiful sunsets...ok, maybe add some parties or something in there too...

You want to take a vacation with us because we offer a very personalized service. Our beginner lessons are done using advanced methods with highly certified instructors. And our safaris for intermediate, advanced and professional kiteboarders include a daily 2 hour FREE lesson; in addition we go to new and unique spots away from the crowds. And when there is no wind, we have a complete Adrenaline Boosting program in place to create the adventure vacation of a lifetime.

The first season will take place in the windy and always exciting Cumbuco, Brazil. Warm water, lots of wind, small bikinis...Make your kite dream come true! The Brazil kitesurfing season is right around the corner! Book before June 1st to secure your 10% discount. Check out our website for various package options and create your own epic kitesurfing adventure:

The Kite Life
Experiencing wind, waves & the kitesurfing vibe in epic destinations around the globe.
Phone Number +1 (561) 623 9211 / +27 (0)72 017 4668

Gabe Webber, Owner of The Kite Life
Phone Number +1 (561) 623 9211 / +27 (0)72 017 4668

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The Kite Life
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