The King of Underdogs Hosts 'Hoops Comes Home' Basketball Tournament in L.A.

The King of Underdogs 1v1 Basketball Tournament-Los Angeles

​This spring, let The King of Underdogs bring you power and energy.

The King of Underdogs is the most famous one-on-one basketball tournament in China. Last year, The King of Underdogs held more than 100 games in China. More than 300,000 people registered, and about 3,000 people participated. There are no restrictions on the registration. This game belongs to everyone who loves basketball.

Last June, The King of Underdogs successfully hosted an one-on-one game named Hoops Comes Home in Los Angeles. The well-known streetball player Bone Collector performed brilliantly in the game. In the end, Lebron James’s movie stand-in, Sheldon Bailey, showed off his skills and won the championship. After Los Angeles, The King of Underdogs also went to San Francisco, Houston, and Chicago. A lot of outstanding players participated in the game and felt the competitive fun of a one-on-one basketball game. Many people said that they would like to see more one-on-one games, and there are many people who are waiting to participate in the game.

This time, The King of Underdogs returned to Los Angeles with ‘Hoops Comes Home’ and wants to share the passion with more people who love basketball. Starting on February 29, every Saturday at 6 p.m., the game will be played for five consecutive weeks. You must not miss it!

Five Reasons You Can't Miss The King of Underdogs

1. Here, you can experience the intense competition up close. With a total of five games and hundreds of players, Los Angeles basketball lovers will gather here. You will feel the heat of basketball here, and feel the passion and collision on the spot. The one-on-one game is a huge challenge for everyone's skills and physical strength, which makes the game very exciting.

2. There are many famous and outstanding players who will participate in our game as specially invited guests, such as former Harlem Globetrotter Christon Staples, former WNBA player Cappie Marie and previous champion Sheldon Bailey.

3. We invited experienced MC Mouth Piece and Chinese MC Da Luo, and they will ignite the atmosphere. Enjoy the game more!

4. Several of the games will have different themes. We want to express our passion for basketball and a healthy life through its themes. We are very concerned about the epidemic situation in China now and also pray for everyone affected by the coronavirus in the world. When the girls' day comes, we will have outstanding female players to participate. In the last game, we will invite the champions to come to play an "Overlord Challenge."

5. What is the reward for this game? In addition to a stage that showcases itself, the winners can also receive a cash prize! The prize for the first and second runners-up in each game is US $2,600. In the final, for each point the runner-up received, US $100 is taken from the prize pool.

Offense, defense, steal, block, slam dunk...we look forward to one after another wonderful picture on the court in Los Angeles. No matter where you come from, whether you have participated in the game, as long as you have enough love for basketball and have confidence in your own skills, you will have the opportunity to participate in The King of Underdogs.

There is a lot of uncertainty in one-on-one games, and every moment cannot be taken lightly. So the game is very ornamental. There is no charge for signing up and watching the game. Bring your friends and family to experience our basketball game together.

The registration channel has been opened! We look forward to feeling the enthusiasm of Los Angeles again, and we believe that Los Angeles will definitely bring us a different surprise.

Date and Time: 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. every Saturday from Feb. 29, 2020 to March 28, 2020, a total of five weeks .(Feel free to bring your family and guests.)

Address: LA Pisces Basketball Academy,1827 Floradale Ave., South EI Monte, L.A.

Registration link:

Sean Guo
Phone: 805.708-7613

Source: The King of Underdogs