The Job Mill Enters the Market With a Game Changing Proposal

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In the last week of May 2016, a new job finding and hiring platform was launched - The Job Mill. The site aims to facilitate a connection between the millions of people in need of a service, with the people who can actually get the job done. CEO Alex Gassner explains; “We saw a gap in today’s job market that we believe can and should be filled”, alluding to the findings that the company found in their market research.

Their findings established that millions of people have got skills that many out there may be seeking, and just as many who are in need of said skills. “We believe in creating an ecosystem that connects quality workers with quality hirers. Long gone will be the days where you paid for a job to be done only to find out that the service that was delivered was below expectations and low quality. We believe that the right way to bring a worker and a hirer together is to give them a simple to use, online meeting place. One where it’s easy for both workers and hirers to find each other and connect at the click of a button”.

The Job Mill - Built for the people, by the people

This is what The Job Mill is all about – connecting quality workers and hirers in 3 easy steps.  They match the hirer who is looking for certain skills with a worker who fits the description of the task. TJM makes it easy to assign tasks, and their counter-offer system makes sure the price is fair. “Our game changing proposal is the fact that the platform itself is a free service to use, and no fees are charged. However, we do offer the option to purchase premium add ons which give access to our database of users for those wanting to get a job done urgently.  ” Gassner reveals.

An Easy to Use Portal for Both Hirers and Workers

The services offered are incredibly diverse for both the hirers and workers.  To make this possible, the Job Mill introduces:

  • A service that promises to match a worker and hirer within minutes.
  • The ability to promote urgent ads to the homepage of the platform.
  • The ability for re-hiring and long-term employment opportunities.
  • A quick account creation process - it takes less than a minute to sign up.

For more information on TJM services and to sign up go to

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