The Italian Football Team launches its Official Fine Art Prints Collection on occasion of the 2010 World Cup.

On the occasion of the 2010 Football World Cup, the Azzurri, the legendary Italian National Football Team, winner of 4 World Cup, launches its official fine art prints collection in collaboration with

To mark its glorious history of achievements, the Azzurri launch their Official Fine Art Prints Collection. Throughout its legendary history the games and players of the Italian Football team have been photographed and recorded in the media. Now they are being told through the language of art in celebration of the aesthetic and emotional link between the gestures of football and art. The Azzurri now offer their Fans, football enthusiasts and art collectors the possibility to own and collect authentic limited edition Azzurri Artworks, created by international artists and fine art illustrators passionate about football and sports.

The Azzurri Official Fine Art Prints Collections expresses the passion, creativity and engagement behind the Azzurri's legendary achievements through the free language of art.

The Azurri Art Collection develops continuously through new artists, subjects, styles and special editions

The Artworks

Azzurri official artworks are authentic and original creations - exclusive to the Italian National Football Team - reproduced as fine art giclee limited print editions. Collectors have the possibility to chooese the media of reproduction of their favourite artwork amongst Fine Art Paper, Canvas, Cultbond or Cultplex. They can also choose the desired artwork size according to their taste and interior design style.

Prices range from 100€ to 995€, depending on the media of reproduction, the size and the edition of the artwork.

Each artwork is individually crafted to the highest museum quality standards and custom made to the customer's specifications.

The artwork is available exclusively from the Azzurri's art web store:

The Editions

Azzurri artworks are reproduced exclusively in numbered and limited editions. Limited editions range from 10 to a maximum 100 reproductions.

Each artwork is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and limited edition, guaranteeing its collector value.

The Artists

The artists selected by the Azzurri and Cultwork, in collaboration with Illustrative, the leading international forum for contemporary illustration and graphic arts, range from established artists to young talents in fine art, illustration and photography. To quote just a few: Beat Kuert, Stefano Cattelan, Tobias Mohr, Tilo Göbel, Timo Böse, Stephan Probst, Takao Aoyama, András Baranyai, Alexander Wohlrab and Paolo Gattuso.

The Azzurri and Cultwork

The Alfa Romeo Official Fine Art Prints Collection is an artistic venture between the FICG (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio) and Cultwork. Cultwork is a unique lifestyle fine art brand and international artist's network which creates and crafts fine art print editions in collaboration with iconic brands and sports teams.

Note to editors:

Please credit all artwork with the following copyright: "©Cultwork/FIGC". This artwork is solely for media distribution free of charge. It is not to be reproduced or used for any other purpose. Please do not publish any high definition images on the web.

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