The Irrigation Shop, a Gardener's Best Friend Right Here

The Irrigation Shop provides a huge range of irrigation stuff for back yard or back paddock, a sprinkler system, golf course, The Irrigation Shop will help, from the planning right through to installation

The Irrigation Shop range includes everything from the cheapest and most basic poly, nylon and PVC, one-off jobs; through to the most complex, sophisticated pumps and irrigation and pumping systems for those heavy-duty, industrial applications incorporating long-lasting brass, stainless steel and galvanised components.

With experts, The Irrigation Shop can advise on anything needed in the way of irrigation and water solutions with the most up-to-date solutions for any problems. The Irrigation Shop has been in business for a long time. Over 20 years in fact and become the irrigation super-store based entirely on range, reputation and dedication to servicing client's best interests.

if it's ideas you're looking for, you'll find a mountain of those as well; with expert assistants to guide and advise you.

The Irrigation Shop

Ring The Irrigation Shop to discuss about particular situation. Often times every initial questions can be answered over the phone for free

The Irrigation Shop
29 Moss St, Slacks Creek QLD 4127
​TEL: (07) 3808 3611​

About The Irrigation Shop

The Irrigation Shop has been supplying irrigation fittings, pumps, tanks and hoses for over 20 years, to domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial clients; as well as hundreds of tradesmen and industry consultants.

The Irrigation Shop
29 Moss St
Slacks Creek, QLD