The International Institute for Software Testing Announces the Full Program of the Most Practical Software Quality Conference and Testing Conference in San Diego, CA

The International Institute for Software Testing just announced the full program of the International Conference on Practical Software Quality and Testing (PSQT) to be held in San Diego, California August 14-19, 2016. PSQT conferences are the only software quality conferences and software testing conferences that focus only on practical methods and techniques for quality management, test management, project management, mobile testing, agile testing, and every aspect of software quality assurance.

Unlike other software quality conferences, PSQT focuses only on practical methods. "This year's program is very impressive because of all the high quality proposals we received," says Dr. Magdy Hanna, Chair. "We received a large number of high quality proposals this year and we had difficulty turning down proposals". The conference had to be extended by one day to accommodate all the proposals that were accepted. With the Pre-Conference and Post-Conference workshops, the PSQT event this year extends over six days. "The ongoing theme of the conference, Practical-Proven-Feasible, has really helped us over the years to focus only on what works and consistently leads to improved results," adds Dr. Hanna. This year, the PSQT event offers a total of 22 full day workshops, 40 one hour track presentations and four keynotes by internationally recognized experts. To support Education-Based-Certifications, the PSQT Conference will offer a certification track leading to the Certified Software Test Professional and the Certified Agile Software Test Professional credentials.

"This is a great opportunity for tools vendors and service providers to showcase their products and services", says Eric Coleman, PSQT Conference Manager. "Our goal is to provide our conference attendees with real practical solutions. That's why we selected a small number of providers to maintain the practical focus of the event," Coleman adds.

It is very challenging to run such a high quality conference at such low price, but we are determined – not to sacrifice the quality of the conference just to turn a profit

Unlike many other conferences, PSQT only presents methods, techniques, and solutions that have real success stories behind them. You can read the success story behind each presentation at the conference website.

The PSQT team also recognizes that training budgets have been deeply cut in many organizations. To allow software teams to receive the training they need at affordable cost, the cost of attending the event is much lower than many other conferences. The deadline to receive up to $500 discount has been extended until May 15, 2016.

"It is very challenging to run such a high quality conference at such low price, but we are determined - not to sacrifice the quality of the conference just to turn a profit", says Magdy Hanna.

The PSQT conference is sponsored by The International Institute for Software Testing (IIST), an educational and professional development organization in the field of software testing, software quality assurance and software testing certifications. IIST is the largest provider of software testing training in the world. IIST was founded 1999 to advance the software testing and quality assurance professions by promoting and recognizing professionalism through education-based software testing certifications, and software testing conferences. IIST is led by IISTChairman and CEO, Dr. Magdy Hanna under the guidance of the IIST Advisory Board.

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