The "Intelligent ID Card" Lowers Medical Costs by Speeding Treatment

The original "emergency peace of mind" website stores vital information for seniors, adults who live alone, single parents, travelers, and others who worry about sudden incapacitation. Instead of questioning and guessing, first responders and ER staff can quickly see emergency contacts, medical conditions, medications, and other critical information.

:  Information Protectors LLC announced another benefit for subscribers to my importantinformation dot net, the unique product designed for the more than 30 million Americans who live alone.  The secure, easy-to-use, and low cost website allows seniors, single parents, and those with medical conditions to enter emergency contacts, instructions of care of children and pets, locations of medications and documents, and general time critical information.

First responders and hospitals will use the ‘refrigerator’ cards or wallet cards to access the website and see the customized “First Responder” report.

Everyone deserves the "Intelligent ID Card" to help first responders help them, quickly and efficiently. In an emergency, seconds count.

Larry Singer, Director

Medical care is labor intensive, and a significant part of that time is spent gathering information about a patient. Labor hours are dollars.

Larry Singer of Information Protectors LLC said “First responders, neighbors who try to help, and hospital ER staff struggle with “who are we dealing with” in addition to treating the medical problem.  Medical staff spent valuable time looking for contact information, questioning bystanders or interrogating distraught family members instead of treating the patient.  My Important Information drastically reduces the time spent in gathering basic information. ”

The secure website allows subscribers to enter as much or as little information as they need, into eleven categories, based on each person’s individual needs. A two level password system provides read only access to First Responders, and a master password provides update access to all information.

Information Protectors LLC also noted that the more information medical staff has, the better the outcomes can be.

About Information Protectors LLC:   The company was founded in 2013 to develop innovative and affordable solutions for real world information needs. ### ​