The Influencer Marketing Factory Is The First Influencer Marketing Agency To Start Accepting Payments in Crypto

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The Influencer Marketing Factory, a global influencer marketing agency, is thrilled to announce they have accepted their first client payment in the form of Bitcoin. This makes the agency one of the first digital marketing agencies to accept Bitcoin payments from a client they are working with.

The number of cryptocurrency holders in the United States has been increasing dramatically ever since its early beginnings in 2009 and Bitcoin is the currency with the highest value on the market. With the tremendous growth seen in crypto coin, The Influencer Marketing Factory decided to accept also this type of payment. As a digital marketing agency, it felt important to the agency to keep up with digital changes in several industries, including the financial one.

According to Alessandro Bogliari, CEO & Co-Founder of The Influencer Marketing Factory, "more clients, especially in the crypto space, are willing to pay for influencer marketing campaigns in Bitcoin, Ethereum or other major cryptocurrencies."

Aside from a general interest in keeping up to date in modern changes happening, The Influencer Marketing Factory has also been approached by several different crypto companies to create and execute their upcoming influencer marketing campaigns.

"We love innovation and we believe that cryptocurrencies can definitely become a standard in the payment methods between companies and their marketing agencies. It is fast, it is secure and by accepting Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, our agency can open up to new opportunities in terms of growth and portfolio diversification," stated Bogliari.

About The Influencer Marketing Factory:

The Influencer Marketing Factory is a global full-service influencer marketing agency that helps brands engage with Gen Z and Millennials audiences on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.


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The Influencer Marketing Factory is a global influencer marketing agency that helps brands and companies engage with Gen Z & Millennials on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

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