The iGPS Wizard Watch: Trusted by Parents, Loved by Kids

Two fathers teamed up to create a proactive approach to safety - and their kids approve

​​​​All parents know that there’s absolutely no greater priority than the safety and security of their child. That’s why fathers, and brothers, Dallas and Anthony Vasquez teamed up to create the iGPS Wizard Watch. It’s a wearable tracking and communication device that provides invaluable peace of mind to parents, knowing they can locate, contact, monitor, and protect their child when they’re away from home. 

The iGPS Wizard Watch is cellular, GPS, and WiFi-enabled, and works seamlessly with the accompanying parent app. Parents will enjoy consistent, reliable coverage and rest easy knowing their child’s whereabouts at all times. Meanwhile, the other benefit of the iGPS Wizard Watch is that it’s really empowering for children. It gives them a newfound sense of independence to safely explore the world around them. 

“I’m so proud of this technology and hope that other parents value it as much as my own family does,” said Dallas Vasquez, CEO, iGPS Watch. “My kids are growing up fast, and I can’t always be right beside them, but knowing they’re safe, and having the ability to reach each other with the touch of a button, has really been a game-changer for us.” 

The iGPS Wizard Watch is currently available in five popular colors and comes ready to go with a pre-installed SIM card. The playful touchscreen interface and colorful, comfortable wristband makes it enjoyable to wear.  

Features of the iGPS Wizard Watch include: 

  • Live GPS Tracking

Parents can pinpoint their child’s current location with live GPS tracking to give them more freedom during playtimes or that added layer of protection when traveling through crowded spaces. Parents will appreciate continuous notifications regarding the locations and activities of their children.

  • GPS Geofencing

All parents know that children tend to wander. With the GPS geofencing feature, parents can create “Safe Play” and “Stay Away” zones, and will receive an alert if their child ventures out of the designated safe area.

  • Two-Way Voice Calling

Parents are never more than a call away from their children. The accompanying parent app also allows parents to add up to 11 phone numbers that their child can call.

  • Voice & Text Messaging

Parents can use voice and text messaging to reach their child anytime, anywhere. 

  • SOS & Removal Alerts

In case of an emergency, the child can push the one-touch SOS Button. This will alert their parents of their exact location and activate the emergency contact auto-dialer, which will begin calling the contacts on their call list. If the watch is ever removed, parents will receive a removal alert immediately.

  • Take Me Home Mapping

The “Take Me Home Mapping” feature will guide the child safely home with step-by-step directions.

  • Scheduler

The iGPS Wizard Watch helps foster a sense of responsibility and helps keep kids on track with their daily routines. Parents can use the watch’s scheduler feature to set reminders that can be checked off once completed.

  • Activity Tracker

The iGPS Wizard has a built-in pedometer that counts the child’s steps each day. This is an excellent way to promote a healthy, active lifestyle. The device history is also stored for seven days to help parents monitor changes in their child’s daily routines. 

The iGPS Wizard Watch retails for $119.95, and there is a one-time activation fee of $15. After that, service is $14.95 a month and does not require a contract. iGPS provides complete customer care and a frustration-free experience.

About iGPS Wizard Watch
The iGPS Wizard Watch is a wearable tracking and communication device designed for children 3-13 years old. It lets parents contact, locate, monitor, and protect their loved ones when they’re away from home. Parents can pinpoint their child’s current location with live GPS tracking, and use voice and text messaging and two-way calling to reach their child anytime, anywhere. For more information, visit and follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for the latest news and trends.

Source: iGPS Watch

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