The iCAS Storage and Archiving solution is now KPMG certified

The certificate certifies a high level of security for preservation in accordance with the German legal requirements and guidelines.

iTernity Ltd, Freiburg, has allowed KPMG's accountants to go over its storage and archiving solution iCAS with a fine-tooth comb. It is now being presented with the auditor's certificate. This certifies that iCAS users can archive their electronically-stored business information in an audit-proof manner, in accordance with the applicable guidelines. When used properly, as per the certificate, the data can be archived in accordance with the German legal requirements and guidelines.

iCAS therefore fulfills the requirements of the Trade and Tax Law. This includes the Tax Code (AO), the Principles of Proper Accounting (GoB), the Principles of Proper Computer-Based Accounting Systems (GoBS) and the Principles of Data Access and Verifiability of Digital Documents (GDPdU). The solution also meets the requirements of the Swiss Code of Obligations and the Accounting Regulations for Archiving.

Security and flexibility are among the outstanding features of the hardware-independent archiving solution. iCAS is an intermediate layer that is inserted between a DMS, ECM or email archiving system and the storage systems used. The data can be encoded, compressed and placed on the storage medium in a secure manner. iCAS uses the patented Content Storage Container, contained in all documents and metadata. The archived documents are protected from any attempts at manipulation via 512-bit hash values. The ECM System can give iCAS the respective archiving period for the document and deletion of the data prior to the expiry date can thus be prohibited.

KPMG conducts its examination in compliance with the auditing standards recognised by the German Institute of Auditors e.V. and the Federal Ministry of Finance. KPMG International is an association of legally independent, national member firms that conduct their business in 146 countries. KPMG is a business leader in the field of auditing and consultancy in Germany as well. More than 8,500 staff are employed at over 20 different locations.

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