The Holistic Sanctuary Announces Exciting Plans to Expand Over Next 4 Years and Save More Lives

World-class holistic medical spa, The Holistic Sanctuary, is planning on growing with four new, revolutionary centers around the world.

The Holistic Sanctuary

The Holistic Sanctuary is proud to announce its exciting plans to grow the number of cutting-edge luxury centers it has over the next four years, allowing it to help even more patients in need of its pioneering treatments.

After a decade of revolutionizing the holistic health field and saving lives, The Holistic Sanctuary, which currently has a state-of-the-art facility in Baja California (Mexico), plans to open another center in Tulum, Mexico, as well as an additional three centers in several other locations around the world.

Holistic Sanctuary Tulum is well on its way to opening its doors in 2021, which will be followed by plans to open other centers in Tulum (2021), Malibu (2022), London (2023) and Dubai (2024).

The Holistic Sanctuary is a world-class holistic medical spa that uses cutting-edge technology and advanced therapies from around the world to cure, heal, and reverse illnesses and diseases that Western medical professionals have said are incurable. By using a combination of natural therapies, they help people to recover from a variety of different conditions such as depression, addiction, PTSD, stress, anxiety, and more.

Johnny Tabaie, CEO and Founder of The Holistic Sanctuary, said: “We are incredibly excited that we will soon be able to help even more patients around the world. We’ve taken holistic healing to a whole different level, and our intention has always been to heal patients using natural, effective, holistic and other alternative therapies that give results in real-time, without having to medicate people with addictive drugs.

“We simply transform people's lives; we give them a fighting chance at a good quality of life. We get people off prescribed medications, heal the underlying cause of PTSD, depression, trauma and even addiction, then send them back home healthy, thriving, happy and whole again.”

More information on The Holistic Sanctuary’s luxury drug rehab centers can be found at

In addition to its growth plans, the organization has also announced that by the end of 2020 it will have the first AIDS and cancer research center that will strive to cure diseases like this using revolutionary stem cell technology. It will also be able to treat other autoimmune conditions such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme disease, neuropathy, multiple sclerosis (MS) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

This kind of cutting technology has been around for the last 30 years, revolutionizing how illnesses like these are treated through the discovery of isolated stem cell genes that have been proven clinically to show it has cured two patients suffering from AIDS and cancer. One has been clear for 10 years now, with the other being cured last year. This is a new, paradigm-shifting approach that is pushing western medication treatment to the side.

To learn about how stem cell technology is used by the centers, more information can be found here:

Learn more about The Holistic Sanctuary’s Mexico stem cell center here:

The Holistic Sanctuary has an 80% success rate at healing patients that are either on medications, alcohol, street drugs, or suffer from mental health disorders such as PTSD, depression, anxiety and trauma. See more information on what treatments are used for these:

·      Depression -

·      PTSD -

“We’ve incorporated holistic medicine and methodically weaved it with sacred plant medicine to have a better synergistic never before seen outcome. In the last 10 years, we have therapeutically, safely and humanely given people sacred plant medicines like Ibogaine, DMT, Changa, 5-MEO, Kambo, Psilocybin, mushrooms, and much more,” added Tabaie.

The organization is looking for investors and partners to help finance and push this revolutionary vision forward. For more information about The Holistic Sanctuary and investor relations, please send an email or call +1-310-601-7805 or visit their website at

About The Holistic Sanctuary

The Holistic Sanctuary is a world-class holistic medical spa that uses cutting-edge and advanced therapies from around the world. It uses powerful modalities to cure, heal, and reverse illnesses and diseases that Western medical professionals have said are incurable. It is not a drug rehab, more along the lines of a luxury treatment center that transforms lives. It helps people to recover from depression, any type of addiction, PTSD, stress, anxiety, as well as other mental health problems. The centers use a combination of natural therapies to help people recover mentally, physically and emotionally. Unlike mainstream doctors, rehabs, and treatment centers, The Holistic Sanctuary avoids the use of outdated theories, ineffective therapies and addiction to toxic medications and drugs. Instead, it addresses the root causes of these illnesses, improves physical and mental health and alleviates the illnesses.

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