The Hidden Author Surpasses 1300 Self-Published Book Listings

The Hidden Author ( is pleased to announce that it recently surpassed 1300 book listings from self-published authors.

The Hidden Author is a resource for self-published authors looking for inexpensive book marketing and promotion services. The website utilizes a unique membership system that requires each member/author to review four books every year from other self-published authors listed on the website. This ground-breaking model not only improves sales, but helps each participating author raise their ranking on the major on-line book retail sites.

Spokesman William Edwards remarked, “We are pleased to see that the number of listings continues to increase. We are a relatively new business, and it’s exciting that we are harnessing the power of the self-publishing author community to help great books from hidden authors gain visibility.”

The Hidden Author is running an introductory special for $19 for a lifetime listing, but the four annual book reviews are still required.

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