The Hemp Doctor Launches Kayo Bundle for Wholesale Customers

Kayo Bundle

The Hemp Doctor, a trailblazer in the CBD and cannabis industries, is excited to introduce an extraordinary offering tailored exclusively for wholesale customers: the Kayo Bundle. This bundle offers a carefully chosen assortment of best-selling Kayo products. Wholesalers can create a free account to see the full range of The Hemp Doctor's wholesale inventory.

About the bundle: 

This finely designed package includes the following items: 

Kayo LIMITED Disposables: There are three Display Boxes in this segment, each containing five disposables, for a total of 15 disposables. Note that strain duplications or replacements are not accessible in this section for the best inventory management.

Kayo 3g Disposables: There are two Display Boxes with five disposables apiece. As an extra benefit, wholesale clients are welcome to indicate which strains they would like in the order notes. Only two strains may be chosen to preserve a well-balanced variety.

Kayo 2g Cartridges: The Kayo Bundle comes with two Boxes, each holding 10 cartridges, for the vape fanatics. Similar to the disposables, wholesale clients can specify in their order notes the strains they want.

Kayo 2pk THC mix Gummies: Three Display Boxes with 10 delicious THC mix gummies pouches apiece, for a total of an incredible 30 pouches. Available in three different flavors: strawberry, grape, and cherry lime. Due to package uniformity, flavor duplications or substitutions are not allowed in this section.

Kayo D9 Brownies: One of the bundle's most notable additions is a Display Box containing 20 brownies, each containing a robust 225 mg of D9. This is the best choice for experienced customers who want an experience that lives up to their high standards. And notably, the most delicious, too. 

Kayo Rapid Release Gummies: 15 jars of 20-count Kayo Rapid Release Gummies will be given to wholesale clients to complete this fantastic deal. With the help of Nano emulsification technology used in the process of making these gummies, the benefits can be felt as fast as 10 minutes. 

The Kayo Bundle, priced at a total wholesale value of $1200 for its individual products, is now being offered to distributors at the exceptional rate of $850 as a bundle. This outstanding offer is made even more enticing when considering that the retail value of these products amounts to a significant $3600.

About The Hemp Doctor

The Hemp Doctor's success is primarily due to their unrelenting dedication to quality. As a reputable and well-known company in the cannabis sector, they have continuously raised the bar for excellence, creativity, and client happiness. The Hemp Doctor has established a solid reputation in the cannabis sector by continuously offering cutting-edge, premium hemp products that are reasonably priced and suitable for a wide range of consumers, from beginners to experienced users. 

The Hemp Doctor's wide selection shows how committed they are to satisfying the different needs of users. Their extensive range of products, customized to meet every client's unique requirements and preferences, includes CBD, Delta 8, Delta 9, CBN, CBG, and THCa

Independent labs put every product through a rigorous testing process to ensure that only the highest quality makes it onto the shelves and provides customers with an unparalleled experience. All test results are readily available on for openness and peace of mind.


In addition to providing exceptional products, The Hemp Doctor is also dedicated to providing excellent customer service. If wholesalers have any questions, need more information, or would like to place an order, contact The Hemp Doctor's customer service or visit

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