The Groundbreaking New "Must-Have" Travel Essential Hits Indiegogo

The world's first compact, all-natural stain, and odor removal spray is here

Wayakit - The Ultimate travel essential

Wayakit, the world’s first compact, all-natural and multi-purpose travel cleaner, is the brainchild of two Environmental Sciences and Engineering experts with a passion for travel.

After being unable to find a travel-friendly cleaning solution, they made it. Wayakit recently hit the Indiegogo community, with a vision of raising the funds needed to bring Wayakit to passionate travelers worldwide. “No traveler should go anywhere without this handy-dandy spray,” says Sandra Medina, one of Wayakit’s founders. “This must-have travel essential is organic, easy to pack, and most importantly, it works!”

Wayakit links Environmental Sciences with real-world applications. This must-have travel essential is organic, easy to pack, and most importantly, it works!

Sandra Medina & Luisa Javier , Founders

Wayakit, which directly translates to “vision beyond your dreams” in Mayan, was designed to deliver convenience and peace of mind.

  • Biotechnology in a bottle
  • Simply spray the cloth, tap the stain and rub away
  • Eliminates odors and stains in seconds
  • State-of-the-art technology

“We created Wayakit out of our own frustration at not being able to find a travel-friendly cleaning solution,” says Luisa Javier, the second Wayakit founder. “So, we made it, and now, we couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world. We heard. We listened. We delivered.”

Wayakit links Environmental Sciences with real-world applications, designed to complete the world’s “essential travel kit” and eliminate the “stress of mess.”

Anyone interested in contributing to Wayakit can visit the company’s Indiegogo page by clicking here. All funds collected will fuel the founders’ ability to bring Wayakit to the market and the world.

About Wayakit

Wayak was founded in 2018 by two women with a passion for travel while pursuing their Ph.D.s in Environmental Sciences and Engineering. As innovators, investors, and environmentalists, the duo created Wayakit to deliver the world’s first all-natural stain and odor removal spray. The team is passionate about crafting travel essentials that fit into their audience’s lifestyle, helping people focus on enjoying their home away from home.

Sandra Medina & Luisa Javier

Source: Wayakit


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