The Ground-Breaking Cloudponics In-Home Cannabis Grow System Kicks Off Its Public Awareness Campaign With a Landmark Sale

The company's self-contained, fully-automated GroBox reflects the public's changing perceptions about cannabis, and its growing demand for legal marijuana.

A growing number of Americans are gearing up this week ahead of “420”, the annual celebration of marijuana that takes place every April 20th.

At least 23 states and Washington D.C. now have some form of marijuana legalization, while four states have legalized recreational use for adults. Cannabis legalization is also expected on several more state ballots during elections later this year.

If you've ever enjoyed eating vegetables you've grown in your own backyard garden or even on a windowsill planter, you'll understand the unique pleasure of consuming top-quality cannabis that you can tell friends and family you grew in your living room.

Pepijn van der Krogt, CEO Cloudponics

As the legal cannabis movement gains momentum across the United States, more Americans are acknowledging their enthusiasm for marijuana.

Many consumers are also embracing the idea of growing cannabis in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. And the trend towards marijuana legalization means people no longer have to hide their home grows from friends and neighbors.

The GroBox by Cloudponics is designed for cannabis consumers who want to be sure they are enjoying the highest quality marijuana available: by growing it themselves in an automated, self-contained unit that can be monitored and controlled remotely via a smartphone app.

As part of their campaign kick-off, meant to coincide with April’s 420 celebrations, Cloudponics is offering a 40 percent discount on its retail GroBox units between now and April 30th, along with a down payment of $190.

GroBox is the brainchild of Cloudponics founders Pepijn van der Krogt and Nicolas Ruiz, who were looking for a way that average people could produce their own high-yield, expert-level marijuana at home in a small, self-contained space.

“We designed Cloudponics after our own personal trials and errors as amateur marijuana growers,” says Ruiz. “There’s nothing more frustrating than having all your hard work to produce great buds go to ruin just a couple of weeks before harvest. Cloudponics takes care of all the daily growing tasks and automatically calculates the conditions for optimal growth and yield.”

The handsomely crafted units have a sleek wooden exterior and aren’t designed to be hidden away. Each GroBox is about the size of a standard refrigerator and only requires its owners to plant their desired cannabis seeds or clones.

Once the marijuana strain is chosen, the Cloudponics system takes over; automatically controlling the watering, nutrient dosage, pH levels, temperature, humidity and light controls within the unit. The GroBox also has customized grow lights, an odor filter and an app-controlled door lock.

“As more states legalize cannabis, users can finally experience the happiness of growing their own medicinal or recreational marijuana,” adds van der Krogt. “If you’ve ever enjoyed eating vegetables you’ve grown in your own backyard garden or even on a windowsill planter, you’ll understand the unique pleasure of consuming top-quality cannabis that you can tell friends and family you grew in your living room.”

Ruiz and van der Krogt expect Cloudponics will help expand the legal cannabis consumer lifestyle. Their app allows GroBox owners to not only monitor their home grows but to also share pictures and settings of their crops as they grow. And as a result, they say, you can share your results with a growing community of Cloudponics users.

While the GroBox is currently designed for cannabis, the company expects their products to have a wide range of agricultural uses.

“Our technology is designed for automating and controlling small-sized cabinets as well as commercial food production sites and even solutions for restaurants,” says van der Krogt. “We believe that the future of mainstream agriculture involves hydroponics, LED lighting and artificial intelligence. These are innovations that are just now coming into their own, as we are part of that movement.”

About Cloudponics

Based in San Francisco, Cloudponics develops innovative internet-connected technologies towards agriculture and plant growth. It currently has two products designed for cannabis users, the GroBox (complete system) and the GroPro (controller for existing grow tents and rooms). It is also developing a heavy-duty controller for large commercial operations.

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About Cloudponics

Cloudponics is an agtech company and develops internet-connected in-home and professional grow systems which innovate the way we grow plants

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