The Green Gift Company Launches First of Its Kind Subscription Box Service.

The gift shop that specializes in personalized gifts introduces a brand new subscription box. Monogram Monthly Subscription Box has got monogram lovers jumping at the chance to get personalized surprises delivered to them for half the cost of retail!

Monogram Monthly first launched this week on August 21st 2015 to a limited list and is now available to everyone at

Each month The Green Gift Company showcases some of their best selling products in the Monogram Monthly box. Subscribers get significant discounts compared to retail prices and with two different price points there is a package for everyone's budget. Monogram Monthly Decals package is $10 with a $20 retail value and includes two to five personalized decals each month. The Premium package is $30 with a $60-$80 retail value and includes two to five decals and one to two monogrammed or personalized items. 

It seems like there is a subscription box for almost anything these days, but Monogram Monthly is taking it further by providing a personalized experience in every box. Each box is customized with not only names and/or monograms but also the subscribers color and interest preferences. Subscribers also get to interact in a private group forum where they can vote for items and colors that will be featured in the next month's box! There is even a gift option where you can buy single boxes for friends! Whether you get it for yourself or gift it to a friend there is really no going wrong with this subscription box! 

For more information about Monogram Monthly visit or on instagram @monogrammonthly.