'The Greatest Lie Ever Told' is now Barnes & Noble Bestselling Book

Gary Hamer's book -'The Greatest Lie Ever Told: Revealing the Truth to a Deceived World', is available to general public, and has achieved Barnes & Noble bestseller status.

An experienced spiritual author, Gary Hamer has launched his new book "The Greatest Lie Ever Told" which is now among Barnes & Noble bestseller books.

The 240 pages book is written with the intention to help people to find their way in this life and understand the truth about how their deeds can impact their eternal life.

People often believed what they were told instead of thinking for themselves and understanding that this is one thing in life they have to do for themselves. 'The Greatest Lie Ever Told' will reveal the facts and the readers will realize that they have believed the lie about this process and they think they are safe and bound for heaven once their lives are over on earth because of what they were told and taught.

The book guides its readers about how to stand up for beliefs and lead rather than follow and show the path to the power of God's healing. And it is a thought provoking for Christians and non-Christians.

Gary's personal experience is the inspiration behind "The Greatest Lie Ever Told". With his book, he took the opportunity to help others to find their way to God and to lead them into the light and get rid of the darkness.

Author says "challenges all of us to re-examine our beliefs and not simply to be followers. Most of our beliefs stem from our upbringing and seldom questioned since it's the way it's always been. Question your beliefs, and learn the truth for yourself." "It is for all believers who have been hurt by the teachings of their spiritual leaders and have turned away from their religious communities; they need God's healing now. This book will provide the healing we search for." Gary adds further

The Greatest Lie Ever Told is available at Barnes & Noble and on other trusted online book stores.

For more information about author and book, please visit www.spiritual411.org.

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