'The Great Hack' Lead, David Carroll, to Speak at PrivSec New York

Professor David Carroll of Parsons School of Design, New York, is to speak at the PrivSec Conference, taking place at Columbia University, NYC, on November 5 and 6 2019.

David Carroll

Data Protection World Forum is delighted to announce that David Carroll from "The Great Hack" will be speaking at the PrivSec New York Conference at Columbia University on November 5 and 6, 2019.

David Carroll played a part in unfolding the Cambridge Analytica scandal after submitting the data subject access request (DSAR) to the company.

Today sees the release of "The Great Hack," a Netflix documentary on Cambridge Analytica that sheds light on one of the most complex scandals of our time. The documentary, featuring Carroll, exposes the dark arts of data processing within the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal.

In an exclusive interview with PrivSec Report, Carroll says:

“I was a real American worried about data privacy issues before it was cool. I attended major meetings where I was the voice in the room saying that the industry was reckless, that this is going to explode. I couldn't have predicted that Cambridge Analytica would be the inevitable event that was a result of the reckless behavior.”

A conversation with mathematician and data privacy evangelist, Paul-Oliver Deyhaye, led Carroll to submit a data subject access request (DSAR) to Cambridge Analytica in January 2017. He posted Cambridge Analytica’s reply on Twitter, where British data protection experts voiced concerns that the response contained unlawful elements.

Carroll began filing complaints with the Information Commissioner’s Office, while a legal claim in the High Court was served on March 16 — the same weekend that Facebook ended its partnership with Cambridge Analytica.

Subsequent media reports blew up the story on the relationship between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica to reveal a Nixon-style global scandal for the digital age that has prompted a sea-change in the way the U.S. thinks about data privacy.​

Read the full interview here.

Hear David Carroll live at PrivSec New York

Professor David Carroll will be among guest speakers at PrivSec New York, coming to Columbia University on November 5 and 6, 2019.

Attendees can hear Carroll go behind the scenes on the Cambridge Analytica scandal and discuss his role in The Great Hack.

David Carroll joins a distinguished roster of representatives from other global organizations, including Uber, the New York Times, BNY Melon, Bank of England, Raytheon and many more.

As the march towards stronger U.S. data privacy laws continues, PrivSec NYC comes at a critical time in the debate between lawmakers and enterprises. With the CCPA deadline looming closer, the need for ideas, debate and innovation in data privacy has never been greater.

To find out more about PrivSec New York, click here.


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