The Gift of Time: Happy Birthday From David Chasse and The Birthday Company.

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Today the business world is riddled with competition. Whether dealing with a dentist office or a small boutique clothing store, customers are presented with so many options. How do businesses ensure that once a customer uses them they will continue to do so in the future? It seems there’s always another business with a lower cost, but maybe the price fight can be avoided altogether. Keep them coming back with a personal touch.

David Chasse believes strongly that a personal touch can consistently triumph over lower cost. Therefore, he founded The Birthday Company. The principle behind the birthday company is to play on that personal experience and bridge the gap between large businesses and customers. The Birthday Company offers custom cards, gifts, and services on behalf of larger companies. It’s the perfect answer to staying personable when extra time is a rarity.

The Birthday Company is a genius business plan, and its 20 years of operation attests to that. The struggle with large companies is how to keep track of their client base, and when they manage to do that, finding the time to send gifts and reminders and follow-ups. While the intention to do so may be there, the time may not be.

Chasse created the solution to that. The Birthday Company is a personalized gift company that sends cards, presents, and gift cards on behalf of another company. It begins with an online database. The larger companies can keep their clients’ information in the database, including their name, address, birthday, anniversaries, set a budget for gifts and more! When larger businesses set up their clients with the Birthday Company, they can choose a birthday message which will be printed on a card with their realistic signatures! The great thing about The Birthday Company is the fact that because they take care of all the record keeping, there is never a worry of a customer receiving the same card two years in a row! The Birthday Company will automatically send out the card to the customer using the business return address.

"Our process is simple, and signup is easy," explains Chasse. "A company can input a large spreadsheet filled with names, addresses, and set a budget for each person. Once inputted into the system, the reminders will start."

Beyond personalized greeting cards, they offer gifts such as birthday mugs and wine glasses, chocolates and other candies, CDs and gift cards to restaurants and stores. They really are options for business at every level. The birthday company takes care of the printing and mailing, making sure each and every client will have a wonderful experience on your behalf. Businesses also have the option to have reminders sent to their emails, so they can follow up with an email or call to make the process even more personable.

Chasse emphasizes that his goal behind The Birthday Company was to save businesses time and money.

"The aspect of the signature eliminates the need to send our gift to the company first," explains Chasse. "This saves one or two weeks of time waiting for the gift to return so we can send it. The present could become lost or forgotten in the mail.

"The bottom line is to express gratitude to important clients," concludes Chasse. "It takes more money to gain new clients than it does to keep current ones."

Want to learn more? Visit David Chasse and The Birthday Company on their website.

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